Marketing Plan paper

 Marketing Plan  A wide, lucky restaurant union after a while a portfolio of differentiated marks is environing to expatiate a new restaurant concept in the U.S.A. denominated “Blossom.” This earn be a full-service restaurant donation a predominantly cunningt-based menu which focuses on seasonal items using charily sourced, unskilled fruit wherever potential. The restaurant earn be positioned by its appraises: untarnished eating, lawful sourcing, and sympathy architecture. You are to pretend the role of communicateing leader for the new restaurant concept. You are required to fruit a strategic communicateing cunning for Blossom. Your cunning needs to comprise the aftercited elements: 1. Executive summary: what the mark is, how it earn be positioned, who it earn target, and the primitive objectives (no over than two articles) 2. Current communicate site a. Food trends (U.S.A.) b. Full-service restaurants c. Competition (direct/indirect) d. Pricing 3. SWOT anatomy (table format) 4. Objectives a. Year 1 b. Year 2 5. Marketing policy a. Positioning (extend upon the appraise statement in the beginning article aloft) b. Targeting c. Integrated communicateing mix: impure Ps (product, pricing, assign, advancement) 6. Marketing controls: How earn results be measured? How earn communicateing inquiry be used? Your cunning should be presented in APA format. It should comprise 6–8 pages (1,500–2,000 tone), not including your heading page, divergency page, and roll of sources. Your cunning should be obviously defined, explained, and substantiated throughout by your inquiry.