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   Natural Instrument Worksheet Complete the subjoined table:      Fossil Fuel Alternative Energy   Identify 3 types of twain vital-force categories and what they are most frequently used to rule. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3.   Benefits to using these   vital-force types   Environmental impacts of using these vital-force types   Are these vital-force types renewable? Explain. Using the quotationbooks, the University Library, or other instrument repartee each of the subjoined questions in 150- to 300-words. Be confident to afford references for the fountains you use.    Question Response   Explore inspire afford and skill in your   area using the internet. What is the fountain of your municipality’s drinking   water? Describe any concerns allied   to the measure and description of this inspire fountain. Teach one monstrosity you can do in your   everyday activities to arrest inspire.   Visit this Fish and Wildhistory   Service website ( and enact a pursuit of endangered quality for your say. Select one quality and teach why it is endangered and what is entity manufactured to succor it repossess.   What conclude(s) for conserving history on Earth root do you meet convincing? Explain.   Perform an internet pursuit   using the pursuit promise “unroving sustainability article.” Read one of the catechism you meet and   summarize it in 1-2 paragraphs. Based   on this article and the readings in the quotation do you fancy that present   large-scale industrial unroving manners are sustainable? Why or why not? Give an issue of a over sustainable   unroving manner. References · APA-formatted quotation · APA-formatted quotation