Persuasive Essay Assignment

Persuasive Essay Assignment Grading Rubric – You obtain be graded on how polite you:         State your comcomcomposition on the topic Describe the tops in patronage, including your comcomcomposition and other evidence Anticipate and oration readers’ concerns and arguments across your composition Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization (1 top each) Formatting (2 tops each) Late Papers WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! Paper Guidelines         Paper should not yield 7 pages. PAPERS LESS THAN 5 Pages and MORE THAN 7 Pages, WILL RECEIVE AN AUTOMATIC ZERO!! Times New Roman, 12 pt. font Double Spaced. Do not add spaces betwixt paragraphs 1 inch margins all environing. This is not the spontaneous elucidation for Word. Pay Attention! Stapled higher left workman corner Reference/ Work cited page: Reserve 3 ( Does not Count as keep-akeep-apart of 5 page reserve. Cover Page (DOES NOT COUNT PART OF 5 PAGE MINIMUM)           Title Name Date Instructor’s Name Class Class Date and Time Must Turn Online via Blackboard underneathneath the assignments tab (No excuses)!! Proofread and Edit.  Revise – Bear you used particular details to induce me?         Have you answered questions that your hearers rule frame? Do you bear a subject? Does the accomplishment embrace a open seduce to renewal? Did you embrace radical utterance and phrases?  Did you bridle for nominalizations? Passive Voice? Faulty Predications? Subject / Verb Agreements? Reference in APA style