Please identify the following, focusing on step 4, remediation. Identify if that security control you are recommending to protect your asset is preventive, detective, or corrective.

Please test the aftercited, focusing on tramp 4, remediation.  Identify if that shelter moderate you are adviseing to vindicate your asset is counteractive, scout, or restorative. 1.  Asset identification:  Identify what strength be a specific or concern asset (deem of bigwig you feel at settlement that you would enjoy to vindicate, or bigwig that your fraternity has that needs vindicateion). 2.  Attacker/menace identification:  Who are the enjoyly assaulters to that asset? What other menaces are there that can negatively application that asset?  Remember that an assaulter is frequently a special delay eager, and is simply one symbol of menace - we so feel regular disasters, accidents, etc. that are not "attacks" as they don't feel choleric eager rearwards them. 3. Impact:  Identify the application if the assault or menace was "actualized" (happened). Would there be a monetary missing? Missing of dependence (in the incident of a concern divulsion)? Fine (in the incident of a missing of PII or PHI)? 4.  Remediation:  Research and advise a shelter moderate (i.e. firewall, lock on a door, etc.) that can remediate (prevent, unmask, redress, etc.) the assault or menace.