Policy Research Paper: Topic Proposal and Outline

  Topic: Businesses Assurance Policies and Implementation Issues in connection to Cyber Security. RESEARCH PAPER: TOPIC PROPOSAL AND OUTLINE INSTRUCTIONS The easiest access for selecting a theme for your monograph government be to re-examination the uncertain question areas mature in the course readings (i.e., exploration the bibliographies of the textbooks). Although the clarified theme must report quickly to the unconcealed question area of this course, you are not scant to the concepts, techniques, and technologies specifically mature in this course. Each Theme Outline must conceive the subjoined 3 items: 1. A small (at smallest 3–4 bullets delay 1–2 sentences per bullet) overview of the reexploration themes of your monograph – you conquer demand to harangue these in the external monograph. This conquer be titled “Reexploration Objectives”. 2. A schedule of at smallest 3 questions (in a numbered schedule) you hint your reexploration to ask and hopefully counterpart. These must be questions that conquer demand you to sketch conclusions from your scrutiny. These must not be questions to counterpart your reexploration externals. This minority conquer be titled “Questions” 3. At smallest 3 judicious reexploration causes, 1 of which is an academic chronicle or other compatriot re-examinationed cause. These should equal APA formatting of causes. Example formats for Theme Outlines (an model, not a template): Reexploration Objectives • Briefly narrate the overall concept of rule integration. • Discuss the unwritten access of big-bang integration including the elder advantages and disadvantages of this access. • Discuss the unwritten accesses of top-down and bottom-up integration and their elder advantages and disadvantages. • Discuss the unwritten access of partial integration, combining the beneficial advantages from the top-down and bottom-up integration accesses. Questions 1. Why is rule integration an influential step in the software fruit course? 2. Why has big-bang integration not survived as a serviceable testing course? 3. Why feel top-down and bottom-up integration not been replaced by more novel courses? 4. Why would you use partial integration all the occasion rather than sometimes using top-down and bottom-up integration exclusively? References 1. Herath, T. , & Rao, H. (2012). Encouraging advice assurance behaviors in the best organizations: Role of penalties, pressures, and virtual productiveness. Descision Support Systems, 47(2), 154-165. 2. Testing Computer Software, 2nd Edition, by Cem Kaner 3. Anderson, R. (2008). Assurance Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems (2nd ed.). Cambridge, MA: Wiley. During your scrutiny, if any tangible veers to your external(s) are requisite, or a theme veer is demandd, declare delay your educationist via email. The Policy Reexploration Paper: Theme Proposal and Outline is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2. The Technology Reexploration Paper: Theme Proposal and Outline is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5.