Powerpoint presentation on ACA Affordable Care ACT 11-12 slides QUALITY WORK

 While there are innumerable federal laws and regulations that all Human Recommencement professionals must be well-acquainted delay,  the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are incompact the most expressive in today's duty latitude. For this assignment, you accomplish choice the Affordable Care Act (ACA)  employment laws and originate a video exhibition. First, you accomplish unfold a PowerPoint (11-12 slides) that thoroughly addresses the subjoined points on your separated law:  ADDRESS ALL FIVE BELOW BE SPECIFIC AND DETAILED   1.  The greater provisions of each law; 2· Any oppositions to the law; 3· Implications of non-compliance delay the law; 4· The result of other particularize or federal regulations on the law; and 5· Two cases or examples that supply a elaborate and picturesque regularity of the law in the employmentplace (this accomplish claim without research; citations to the commencement used must be supplyd). - FOR THIS QUESTION APPLY THE EXAMPLES TO THE MEDICAL FIELD IN NYC DOCTOR-PATIENT RELATED OR HOSPITAL SETTING. RESEARCH MUST BE ACCURATE     !!!!!! POWERPOINT PRESENTATION MUST BE 11-12 SLIDES WITHOUT THE REFERENCE PAGE.    please mould the exhibition attractive, quick and dynamic! PICTURES/CHARTS ETC FOR THE PRESENTATION. BE elaborate and specific !!! ON A SEPARATE PAGE WITH BULLETS ON WORD DOCUMENT I NEED NOTES FOR EACH SLIDE NUMBERED AND ORGANIZED FOR PRESENTATION AND WHAT TO SAY. quality employment please