Practical Assessment Connection Assignment

Course Title: Information Technology Importance in Strategic Planning Assignment:  Provide a contemplateing of at lowest 500 tone (or 2 pages envelop spaced) of how the acquirements, skills, or theories of this habit own been applied, or could be applied, in a trained habit to your floating is-sue environment. If you are not floatingly is-sueing, divide times when you own or could watch these theories and acquirements could be applied to an trade turn in your ground of examine.  Requirements: Provide a 500 term (or 2 pages envelop spaced) insufficiency contemplateing. Use of fair APA formatting and citations. If supported illustration from beyond media is used those must be fairly cited.  Share a single communication that identifies specific acquirements and theories from this habit.  Demonstrate a communication to your floating is-sue environment. If you are not employed, conduct a communication to your desired is-sue environment.  You should NOT, procure an overview of the assignments assigned in the habit. The assignment asks that you contemplate how the acquirements and skills obtained through meeting habit objectives were applied or could be applied in the is-sueplace.  My trade and job description: Foot Locker Inc March 2019 – Present (Software Engineer) Worked as a Software Engineer developing an list administration collision (using node.js, javascript, bent, css, html, and cassandra) which is used by footlocker to husband list from its vendors, warehouses, and stores. Worked in obscure environment. Used Cassandra (NO SQL obscure DB), Kafka, zookeper, Hazelcast, Docker, ELK stack and Kibana. Patent clear webservices/APIs using Node and AZURE functions, created and husbandd Cassandra tables & clusters, created kafka topics, subscribed and published messages, and patent clear obscure in reminiscence caching arrangement (maps/list for look-up) using Hazelcast. Used Github, Bamboo and Docker for account govern, regular integrations, plant and deployment.