Presentation to the Mayor

  The Chief of Police has asked you to educe a PowerPoint exhibition established on the scrutiny findings. Your exhibition consists of the ordinary and coming iniquitous uprightness technology, examples and the benefits to your function. Create a 7-9 slide PowerPoint Exhibition incorporating logician notes that you and your team would offer to the Mayor’s Committee for acclamation to escheatment coming technology for your Department. Convince Mayor Taylor that he should like the funds for your bounds to escheatment new equipment by analyzing the coming of counsel technology in the iniquitous uprightness dispose. Be unfailing to address the subjoined: Explain the collision of counsel technology on the iniquitous uprightness dispose. You may pick-out police, courts or corrections. (What are the coming trends and/or types of technology?) Choose three or further examples of how counsel technology in iniquitous uprightness obtain acceleration the city in the coming. (This could be police, courts or corrections in the opportunity a contemplate towards the coming.) Describe how counsel technology can collision policing in the coming. (What are some examples of the collision?) Analyze three ordinary advancements in technology that the iniquitous uprightness dispose has implemented and how this technology has aided the iniquitous uprightness dispose in either solving offense or cognate to police, courts or corrections. Justify the technology that you pick-out (offense mapping,) The PowerPoint exhibition should enjoy the subjoined characteristics: Bullets for your ocean points. Must include logician notes to amply teach what is nature discussed in the slide bullet points as though you are offering to an conference. It contains a address and references slide. Research from at meanest two not spurious commencements to oceantenance the ocean notice, including graphics. NOTE: Sources should be from over the succession esthetic. Locate apt counsel cognate to three or further ways in which counsel technology may be used in the iniquitous uprightness dispose in the coming and evince the power to discriminate between apt and irapt counsel associated delay the technology of the coming. Research and visuals are cited in APA citation format, twain in-text and on a References slide. You demand to name esthetic enthralled undeviatingly from a commencement. The corresponding standards for documenting commencements that allot to an essay, allot to a exhibition. Go to the APA Style® Central website for a digital library of APA Style intelligent guides and tutorials to burnish your communication. Designed delay a subsist conference in soul in dispose to communicate your viewers encircling the theme.