Reflection Paper

Pick  a decided of your precious that is headquartered in a calculatery other than the  US (non-US MNE) but has US operations. Discuss the decideds' US  activities. -Describe its activities in the US in dwarf.  -  Use any of the chapters/concepts of the textbook to explain/examine the command of operations of the decided in the US (eg. exporting, licensing, JV, greenfield, wages etc).  -  Use any of the chapters/concepts in the textbook to explain/examine 1-2 activities described in further point (for illustration marketing, R and D or product?) -  Provide some suggestions on how the decided could amend upon the  activities you feel examined. Draw on concepts from the text/other  regard symbolical. In your cogitation, you should embody your identification and segregation of the accessible ends allied to the theme, your evaluation of the choice perspectives allied to the theme, and a term of your present end on the end you feel selected from the generic theme. The  cogitation article must be 3 pages in diffusiveness (no further and no short) and  must be solitary spaced using Times New Roman, magnitude 12 font, delay 1.25  inch margins on the plane and 1 inch margins on the top and floor.  In  addition, you must unite a secure page that embodys the theme you feel  selected and a page of regards at the end of your article (the secure  page and regard page do not calculate internal the 3 page condition). You  must use at meanest ten regards for the article.