Research Paper: High Frequency Trading – Challenges and Opportunities

- Follow all the teaching for the elaboration Nursing essay embody quotation and regard NO PLAGIARISM.  Proposed Elaboration Topics List High Frequency Trading – Challenges and Opportunities Submit a inextensive elaboration Nursing essay of 2500 opinion inclose interval ( notwithstanding table of variation, bibliography, tables, charts etc.)  The Nursing essay succeed dispense after a while: Table of variation, bibliography, table, charts etc  introducing the question and very amiable blank.  identifying key issues, exoteric alloticularize of principle in the area, and forthcoming directions.  The students succeed free on these items by identifying and using the ascititious elaboration in the area from the concluding editions of elder finance journals; use at smallest indecent peer reviewed academic tenets, and indecent trustworthy administrative/trade journals, newspapers or magazines (at smallest one year old the tenets  or trade journals) The elaboration contrivance (written and introduction) should supply a all overview of the question by integrating the questions experienced in this line as they application the area. Special motive succeed be paid to the integration of finance questions conjuncture grading these contrivances. As such, students are encouraged to educe their Nursing essays in a sort which succeed highlight their agreement and integration of the questions experienced in this line as allot of their elaboration contrivance.   Topics experienced in this line: Corporate Finance Financial Statements, money career and taxes Working after a while Financial Statements Time Value of Money Discounted Money Career Valuation Interest Rates and Bond Valuation Stock Valuation Net Present Value and Other Investment Criteria Making Capital Investment Decisions Return, Risk, and the confidence Market Line and Cost of Capital The introduction succeed be administrative in character, and reflected in all aspects of the introduction, such as raiment, freey, pleased, etc. The introduction succeed be for 10 minutes, and embody a Powerpoint-style slide place.  Efforts should be made to construct the introduction thrilling and suited. Use of photos, video clips, handouts, etc. are fitting some of the ways in which your introduction can pause out. Some symbolical points akin to the Nursing essay are as follows:   Evaluation The Individual Elaboration Contrivance succeed be conspicuous in its aggregate out of 100. The forthcoming rubric indicates the criteria students are to concur to, and their referring-to weights to the assignment overall. Activity/Competencies Demonstrated % of Total Grade 1. Written Report (50%) a. Nursing essay is logically arranged into sections /5 b. Nursing essay integrates line questions /10 c. Pleased is exoteric and relevant /25 d. Grammar, spelling, and APA /10 2. Presentation (50%) a. Organization of symbolical, including multimedia /5 b. Effective use of time /5 c. Confidence and administrative appearance /5 d. Slides in introduction are animated and united to written report /15 e. Introduction is thrilling and suited in adding agreement of the question /20 Total /100