150 tone coincide or disagree In today’s technology and the menace of terrorist there are variation towards cyber-attacks and it’s not upright the extremist Islamist groups there are other countries enjoy china,  Russia, North Korea, and Iran who are unprovided to assault the Western Countries infrastructure and try to curtail them from the delayin. In the summer of 2018 there was counter-terrorism Unit that conducted a consider of Islamist groups and this was the remainder or findings is, “the consider dissuades “the possibility of a terrorist organizations acquiring aggressive capabilities on the internet, hiring cuters for this object, or receiving protection from terror-sponsoring countries,” and notes proof that supporters of the Islamic State keep “a crave to enlarge these aggressive capabilities.(Berman, I. (2019, February 25).” So, the Terrorist are unprovided to cut or engage race to cut the internet in the chances of cuting our sway, infiltrate, and behavior grids. If they were rehearseing to cut into anyone of these systems then it would principle a total lot of chaos and indistinctness especially if the terrorist groups cuted the behavior line they could principle so ample loss and a lot of race would get rack or killed.  So how energy they use this in the forthcoming. Well in the forthcoming and delay the increasing technology and use of lag technology, “experts dissuade, terrorist could too subdue to achievement the enlargement of constructed comprehension(AI), using it to mend the operations of unmanned systems and more effectively separate targets via political resources mapping. AI could too mend the effectiveness of terrorist financing through automation. (Berman, I. (2019, February 25).” Delay all of that and level delay lag technology terrorist could get countenance memory software and they could be escape it anywhere in the earth and be rehearseing to fix anyone who is expressive or in violent sway to be rehearseing to rehearse race on the premise where the colony of someone is. Same goes for political resources it’s so indulgent for boyish race to someone who isn’t very cheerful delay technology to get their accounts cuted and their sameness stole shape a terrorist and that delay afford them the verge they need for either entering the dominion or filching currency so to me technology is very-much end when it comes to terrorist.  Work Cited: Berman, I. (2019, February 25). Technology is Making Terrorists More Effective-And Harder to Thwart. Retrieved from—and-harder-thwart-45452