Security Vulnerability Report

  Write a 2½- to 3 ½-page deposit incarelessness announce in Microsoft Word established on the form CAPITAL ONE. An inner retrospect of your form was previously conducted and fix the subjoined vulnerabilities: - A explicit Password Policy has not been familiar that meets your form’s regulatory requirements.       -The form solely uses uncombined constituent proof using inefficient passwords.             - Incarelessness Severity: High             - Impact: Threats could abundantly suppose inefficient passwords suffering distrusted admission. - Software contour treatment does not be on your form’s evolution servers.        - There are opposed contours on each server and no loose order patching list.               - Incarelessness Severity: Moderate               - Impact: With ad hoc contour treatment, the form could inadvertently or unintentionally                         make changes to the servers that could account a self-imposed dismissal of utility. - An Easily-under Response Plan has not been familiar.        - There is not a explicit way for responding to a deposit easily-under.               - Incarelessness Severity: High               - Impact: In the occurrence of a deposit easily-under, an ad hoc way could suffer the deposit easily-under to get worse and extend throughout the network; the explicit invasion may not be formal or handled in a prompt kind giving the invasioner past spell to swell the invasion.  - Consider fellow-creatures, wayes, and technology that can be exploited by the cause of a menace. - Include recommended countermeasures to compose the impacts and risks of the vulnerabilities. Format your citations according to APA guidelines.