Statement of Purpose

In a 1,000-1,200 vocable typed and double-spaced muniment, harangue your gone-by and vulgar abetting experiments, your coming goals in the scope of Administrative Counseling, and your special qualities that conciliate qualify you to be an efficient counselor. Please also harangue how your interests and goals mate the sidearm of Liberty University and the Master of Arts in Administrative Counseling mark program. Students must comport to the Department of Counselor Education and Family Study’s Master of Arts in Administrative Counseling Sidearm Statement and Dissimilarity Statement. Mission The sidearm of the Department of Counselor Education and Family Studies is to consequence ethically and holyly sensible moral sanity counselors who entertain the familiarity, values, skills, and special immateriality to exalt the moral sanity and holistic wellness of clients over different populations. The CEFS purposes to achieve this sidearm by the administrative fruit of the moral sanity counseling ward over the subjoined domains: 1.  Attainment of scholastic tonnage in all coursework, 2.  Acquisition of, and power to exercise counseling skills after a while a different population to a banner jocular by licensed administrative counselors, 3.  Demonstration of melting and moral stpower and manliness in interaction after a while others including the power to conduct sanityy boundaries, join uprightly, successfully handle special eagerness or cheerless feelings, composition collaboratively after a while others and dictate interspecial encounter, 4.  Adherence to the Administrative Identity and Standards outlined by the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics and Liberty Graduate Ward Code of Honor, and 5.  Demonstration of the power to mix credulity and spareness into counseling where misapply in an ethically suitable deportment. Commitment to Diversity Liberty University is a train founded upon fundamoral Christian values relish charm, precision, and devotion for all living-souls. As believers in Christ, we must prove our commitment to absorbed others (cf. Matthew 22: 34-40; Mark 12: 28-34; Luke 10: 25-28). We bearing counseling as a occupation that fosters holistic civilized harvest and fruit in the sensitive, melting, behavioral, relational, and holy domains of society. Our counseling bearing also supports the price, seemliness, possible and choiceness of others who are made in the likeness of God. This resources for us that all living-souls entertain seemliness and price consequently they are choice subjects of Divine Creation. Our prospect is focused on nurturing an academic co-ordination of different mob and ideas and promising that dissimilarity enhances academic brilliance and singular harvest. Our douceur and wards are intervening of living-souls that personate several notorious, ethnic, holy, and denominotorious backgrounds. Letters to be deferential and esteem other cultures conciliate add to each ward’s experiment at Liberty. For that infer, we are committed to nurturing and grafting a different ward collectiveness in an air of interchangeable reference and understanding of differences. The CEFS provides an academic co-ordination for wards, douceur, and staff to inform and acquire from the experiments of others and to comply special values and assumptions for reflecting and ticklish probation. Ward acquireing, administrative and special harvest happen in a sky that encourages a deepened understanding of differences. Therefore, we do not descry in our educational and counselor grafting programs on the bases of pursuit, pretense, articles, sanctity, gender, age, notorious/ethnic commencement, sexual orientation, and substantial or moral incompetency. I  have former experiment as a residential counselor compositioning after a while childish teenage girls. I am vulgarly a sanative day composition and intensive in-home counselor compositioning after a while effect after a while moral sanity singularity.