The Technology Essay procure be the assist one that adds scrutiny  to your singular essay. The essay itself can be on any mien of later  technology that has unsupposable or procure interest you singularly such as:  computer software, the internet websites, attendant TV, cellular  technology, a technique or fabrication in later salve (enjoy Lasik) or  warfare, UFO's, video pastimes, robots, DNA or reproductive technology and  many other themes. Your question should be a peculiar new gadget or fabrication (content do not do the Iphone or Itouch). Be peculiar in your question. For stance, cell phones would be too indelicate,  but you could centre instead on the new photo-phone technology or the  latest video pastime (TiVo, Blu-ray, Skype, Blackberry,YouTube,  Wikipedia yes; internet, the computer, no: too indelicate).  Your designation should designate your theme for stance, TiVo or Second Life and should narrate, "The Past, Present, and Coming of __________."  Use your scrutiny to narrate 1)when, where and by whom the technology was invented; 2)what its vulgar narrate is (features now); and 3)what you forecast this technology to be enjoy in the coming. Your preview and substance stipulations should muse this construction.  Caution: create indisputable you don't harmonious transcribe "three features of_______" accordingly this is not the assignment. Instead, you are asked environing the truth, vulgar narrate, and coming of the theme. If you are not communication environing the extrication of the fabrication or contrivance, then you possess not fulfilled the assignment. You procure demand at last two founts for this essay but the quotes in each substance stipulation should  not be over than 25% of the essay. If you possess no quotes then you possess  not fulfilled the assignment. Again, go to the College's library  databases or out onto Other amiable founts are and For  this essay, the quotes procure obey as your balbutiation regard. Put  quotation marks encircling any symbolical smitten promise for promise or still n ess everything  you paraphrased. Be indisputable to adduce the founts ( at  the end of your Nursing essay as an inaccurate fount page.  Again, you may set this essay up in any of the indelicate forms of disquisition. The ordinary sandwich make is required and you should use chief special (I). Read the selections in Technology in Collegiate Reader marking each for make , and do the wordbook at the end. You should perceive the answers to the con-over questions as courteous.