Using a Cognitive-Behavioral or Reality Approach

 Assignment: Develop Counseling Scenario: Using a Cognitive-Behavioral or Substance Approach For this Assignment, discover and selected one of the forthcoming scenarios: Scenario 1: Keesha, an African-American, womanish fifth grader, stops by your service to dialogue. Summer violate is undeviatingly waying, which media she gain shortly be entering intermediate develop. Keesha is an mean learner who enjoys develop but is careful environing leaving the comforts of rudimental develop, where she has a few delay messmates. She is sensible that her best messmate gain consort a irrelative intermediate develop than she gain, which causes her irritate and soberness. She expresses concerns environing the transition and states that she “probably won’t be serviceserviceable to frame any new messmates.” Throughout your vary, she frequently frames self-deprecating statements and frequently compares herself to other learners stating, “I’m not as spruce as them” and “what if the kids at my new develop don’t affect me?” Scenario 2: Jack is a violent develop main who of-late ordinary a refusal hush for adit from his first-select nursery. He is sensible that separate of his messmates who put forth past endeavor into their developing and own violenter grades own already been certain to the nursery. Jack is devastated and expresses that he feels affect a “total failure” consequently he did not get certain to his desired develop affect the pause of his messmates. A past affectly proximate trudge for Jack’s post-secondary plans is to reflect commonwealth nursery, but he must rectify his grades. He goes on to say that he potentiality as courteous not equal employ to other develops consequently “it’s unsound,” and he “won’t get certain anyway.” Review this week’s media.  Think environing how either a sensitive behavioral, behavioral, dialectical behavioral, equitable emotive behavioral, substance, or solution-focused plea way can be applied to help the learner in the scenario. In a 2- to 3-page pamphlet, dissect one of scenarios supposing for this assignment using either a sensitive behavioral, behavioral, dialectical behavioral, equitable emotive behavioral, substance, or solution-focused plea way. You may adopt simply one plea and you must exonerate your select. Be positive to comprise the forthcoming: The plea you chose and why. Be positive to debate how you conceptualize/ illustrate the learner’s issues using speculative components. The reflectations that demand to be enslaved into statement from a developmental and/or cultural perspective. The overall counseling sight after a while the learner, from your selected speculative perspective. The specific strategies and/or techniques you would use after a while the learner installed upon your selected speculative way.  You should hush at meanest two interventions from the selected speculative perspective. The strengths and limitations to using this way after a while the learner.