Week 4 Assignment

 You gain propose a trade memo, written to your Instructor that explains how you cunning to fuse your lore from the week into your Final Project. This gain not be a "perfect" abstract at this apex, but it should detain the ocean themes and material ideas from the week. Your memo should embrace the following: Your prelusory abstract of how you are cunningning to fuse this week’s lore into your Final Project Your ideas and recommendations for how your form can despatch treasure from trade notice systems Other apt recommendations or issues that you attested, after a while a paltry anatomy of why they are material Note: If you are insufficient to confront apt notice, you may lack to observe for alike notice at/for other alike publically traded companies. You may confront apt notice that gain empower you to perform divert inferences about your form and perform sedate assumptions so you can produce after a while your device.   If you possess questions about how to adduce what you are lore, or how to confront the most apt notice for your form’s needs, fascinate sift-canvass your cherished after a while your Instructor using the Contact the Instructor delay in the classroom. General Guidance on Assignment Length: Your Week 4 Assignment gain typically be 1.5 pages …..APA format after a while in-text citations and relation page. Due in 8 hours