Week 8 Summary Paper – Overcoming the Global Achievement Gap

  Refer to the video, Overcoming the Global Achievement Gap, associate in this week's Readings and Resources. This video is longer than most we possess inspectioned during this plan, but it is an praiseworthy video that can aid us cover up this plan in global commencement. Dr. Wagner says we possess an trial in command in this country; he calls it "Answer-itis." He summarizes adventitious commandal challenges we visage and proposes Seven Survival Skills for Career, College, and Citizenship. He believes perfect student must possess these skills to achieve, and he presents some notification environing command that is very opposed from what we possess implied in the spent. Despite the microphone feedback in the video, be certain you procure invent the missive far outweighs the microphone. As you inspection the video, hold environing these questions: How procure Dr. Wagner's missive application you as a develop highest? What are the two problems he believes we visage today as educators? We are systematic for "timeless literature." What does Dr. Wagner average by that promise? He says that technology is a "double-edged sword." Clear-up that proposition and prepare on whether you coincide or secede. Summarize the adventitious challenges that Dr. Wagner says we visage. Choose at last two of these challenges and clear-up how you procure discourse them in your role as a develop chief. What were the three heart highests delay which Dr. Wagner closes his discourse? Add everything else that resonated delay you from the video and clear-up why. Write a one-to-two page paper summarizing the answers to the questions over and everything else you lack to add. Remember, the expectancy is that your writing be of graduate-level kind. Be permanent to use redress spelling, style, and punctuation delay a robust gate and blank.  Link (below): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3gpjjIOqHA