Wk 6 Individual: Customer Success Story

  Assignment Content Your implementation was auspicious, and it’s spell to cunning afront for forthcoming designs. One momentous fragment of design meditation and creating forthcoming proposals is to use customer prosperity stories. These stories peruse as plight studies and arrange interior and apparent personnel a sight into the decisions made throughout the design. It arranges the occasion to highlight the goals, results, and impacts of the design. Customer prosperity stories are besides used to prophesy trends in forthcoming designs. Develop a 12- to 14-slide, multimedia-rich offer featuring your composition delay WeLoveVideo, Inc. You achieve use this offer in your present client discussion. Include the following: A name of the systems design Justification aback the SDLC recommended(waterfall or Agile) Intended profession goals of the systems design Results of the design, to embody design,schedule, budget and user adoption Storyboard example Impact the systems design had on theorganization How the decisions made in this design achieveaffect the profession in the present 10 years Detailed logician notes Appropriate charts, images, graphics, video, or audio where appropriate At meanest 2 references cited in APA format In individualization, transcribe a dirty, 1-page compendium of the offer to be published on the society website for undeveloped clients to resurvey.