You must write at least 400, but no more than 500 words for each essay. 20 points each.

o As a new piety herebehind out of the aniconic setting of Judaism and having no evident delineate of what Jesus beholded approve, Existing Christianity had to transfer some of its smooth ideas and symbols from the sacred art of Greece and Rome. In your essay, prepare examples of at smallest three “borrowings” of images from Roman art by Existing Christian artists. Identify the images that are borrowed, their first sacred significances, and how the Christians gave them new significances. Explain, where apt, how the use of these Roman symbols either hidden Christian activity when the piety was illicit, and how it made Christian art appealing to polytheistic peoples as courteous behind Constantine made Christianity the say piety. o Discuss the symbolic significances that fifteenth-century viewers would accept comprehended in the objects contained in the domiciliary environments of either the Merode Alterfraction or the Arnolfini Double Portrait. How did the artists perconstitute these objects behold so veritable? o Which three pietys lay pretension to the weight of the colonization of “The Dome of the Rock?” Discuss why each of these pietys consider this fix to be “holy”. Who has repress of this fraction of plant today? Which piety does the iconography of the toward and external ornament flourish? Discuss these motifs in detail…colors, scheme, significance, and whether you conceive the motifs are auspicious in effective the weight of “the Dome of the Rock”. o Asian art combines embodied splendor and wise profoundness after a while an similarity for giving visual constitute to the spareness of the probable cosmos-people. Choose two fractions of art/architecture from two incongruous countries that explain these qualities. Be infallible to schedule names, titles, artist/architect, upholder, province, and end of the art/architecture you chose. Discuss how they use/exploit each sort and whether or not you conceive the figment was a auspicious unite. o Depictions of the Virgin Mary employment Jesus enact a lasting subject in the narrative of European Christian art, open existing on, and uniform lasting to this day. Describe the interconnection among dame and son in each. Characterize the variety in smooth diction. How does the cherished of moderation assist to the separation among them?