Hunger Games Comparative Essay

Katniss Everdeen & Chris Stewart Imagine entity singly 14, having to choose attention of your lineage, worrying environing harbor and influence for your total lineage. This was the standing Katniss Everdeen and Chris Stewart were put in. Something affect this casually happens and it’s not just to the kids that is does. Normally you can’t parallel fictional qualitys and nonfiction qualitys. However; in this standing it is very lenient owing they twain had a correspondent childhood and upbringings. They twain came out on top after a while a lot of loftiness, sinews and constancy and the disposed to choose attention of others. Katniss Everdeen is a fictional quality in the dimensions The Hunger Games. She is 16 years old and lives in a purlieus strong Panem in the poorest bisect of town strong, The Seam. She lives after a while her dowager and younger sister. Her father passes detached during a coal mining exumation when she was 11 years old. After that catastrophe Katniss’ dowager went into abstruse discouragement and was incapable to choose attention of her daughter’s, Katniss and Primrose. During her Mothers discouragement Katniss had to after and tramp up to choose attention of the lineage. Her lineage was on the approximate of prosperity and on the loophole of inanition. “I was strong to recover us... I kept us alive” said Katniss. She did whatever it took to choose attention of them from walking miles to try and invent scrapes from garbage’s in the high-flavored bisect of town, to hunting in the jungle for plants. That’s how her father got most of their influence hunting illegally in the jungle for plants. Katniss did something famous that radical her activity always by using these indelicate say “I proffer as tribute”. She saved her sister from basically perishing at The Hunger Games and putting herself in that standing. She strong it an old mark for apothegm “admiration” and “goodbye to someone you devotion. ” She was also very skilled in archery, hunting and ornaments. Having tuition th