Posted: November 8th, 2022

HIM Dashboard – Data analysis and visualization


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HIM Dashboard – Data analysis and visualization
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Being part of Western Healthcare System, means that your hospital is compared with a few more hospitals in that system. You are provided with the first month of data pertaining to the operation of their HIM departments. The data provided in the Excel spreadsheet – HIM Dashboard are used to evaluate the performance of each hospital and across the health system. Western Healthcare System has also established benchmark standards for each of the key performance metrics (see Best Practice Standard at the bottom of the spreadsheet).   


  • Focusing on Hospital D (which is the one you work for), select the appropriate graphs to represent the data for each metric along with the corresponding corporate average and best practice standard for that data element. (30 points)
  • Identify issues that are concerning and opportunities for improvement pertaining to any of the metrics across the corporation. Explain why they are concerning. Explain Hospital D performance in the area(s) identified. (20 points)
  • Knowing the position of hospital D in the dashboard, identify opportunities for improvement. What additional data would you request and what additional analysis would you perform? 

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