Posted: November 24th, 2022

Indoor air Quality in office spaces.


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Indoor air Quality in office spaces.
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Submit a list of 10 peer review journals you MIGHT be able to use in your term paper.

  • Submit as a bulleted list and in the citation format you plan to use (MLA, APA, etc).
  •  Underneath each citation, give a 1-2 sentence justification for why this citation will work for your paper.
  • All citations must no older than 2010.


  • Smith, M.J. and J.L. Picard. 2015. Air purification improvements in Warp Drive Starships. Starship Universal Review. 36:346-358.
    • Smith and Picard provides an overview of the most recently developed air purification units for space travel and compares air quality between previous units. 

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