Assignment 2: revisions of foundations of the development and | The Criminal Law | Strayer University

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Assignment 2: revisions of foundations of the development and | The Criminal Law | Strayer University
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Thank you, 

This written assignment is worth 200 points. There are seven elements of the grading criteria. The written assignment grading rubric is used as a scoring guide to evaluate your performance based on the identified performance standards and adherence to the requirements and deadlines. The rubric is used to help improve the learning process and enhance the quality of your writing. Grading for this assignment is based on answer quality, logic/organization of the paper, and language and writing skills using the rubric. Similar rubrics will also be used for the next written assignments as well.

So, similar to the first discussion in the course, I want to emphasize a few things relative to the written assignments before we go further. It is my intention to simply offer some tips so that everyone can submit the best possible written assignments in the future. Here goes:

Proper grammar inclusive of spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc must be used at all times. There are too many grammatical errors that I am seeing at this level of education and this should not be happening. This is formal writing, not a text message. USE SPELLCHECK as it is a simple click of the mouse. It will not catch everything, but it will catch many things. Students can also read their papers out loud before submitting them. Oftentimes, errors will be found by doing this. Last, have someone else read your papers so that they can identify errors.

As a student at this level, students should always conduct scholarly research by finding journal and peer-reviewed articles to add validity and credibility to their writing. This is important because without proper sources of information, references, and citations, a paper is nothing more than opinion. It does not matter what you heard or what the neighbor’s best friend’s girlfriend’s Aunt’s nephew who lives in California said. We want research, not opinion, and this holds true for the duration of the course and for the duration of you being a student in any future courses. Scholarly, journal, and peer-reviewed articles from databases in the Library are a must.  

Before even typing one word, you should know the requirements of the assignment. As part of a properly written and formatted paper, you should have had a Title Page, in-text citations/quotes, one inch margins, double-spacing, size 12 Times New Roman font, and a Reference Page. How many references? Never less than three/four for a shorter assignment, certainly more for a longer assignment.

As we continue, please keep in mind that you must also ALWAYS conform to the formatting requirements. The requirements are strict and take some getting used to. If you are unfamiliar with them, there are resources available to you. Review them, use them, reference them, keep them handy.

These are just some tips that I can offer based on the first assignment that will help all of you with all written assignments going forward in your collegiate career.  There are numerous resources in the Announcements and Course Info tab to assist you. Thank you for understanding and for doing your best to submit properly written, structured, referenced, and formatted assignments. 

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