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pplication: Slip Study Project: Part 4Developing a Portfolio Plan

In your Week 3 Application, you conducted two studys as a distribute of your Slip Study Project. As you entertain been education, the mind of this drawing is to succor you emend recognize and enucleate understanding and skills akin to cogent study and impost strategies. Therefore, the drawing does not afford a holistic draw of the enucleatement and education of the slip whom you entertain been focusing your drawing on. Additionally, study and impost understanding, skills, and facts entertain weak signification in isolation—it is solely when they are a distribute of ongoing impost that they verily can be used for the adapted minds of supported enucleatement and education.

Portfolios portray "organized, mindful patchwork of averment documenting a slip's enucleatement and education balance time" (McAfee & Leong, 2007, p. 100). Structure portfolios requires mindful drawingning that takes into statement expend expectations for slipren's education and enucleatement and slipren's rare enucleatemental patterns and preferences. For this Application, you allure entertain an convenience to enucleate a drawing for structure a portfolio, by describing subjoined facts and akin strategies that you would need in prescribe to accomplished a extensive impost that covers all the enucleatemental areas of one slip's enucleatement and education.

Note: You allure not be collecting the facts that you authenticate in your drawing.


  • Review Pages 97101 of Assessing and Guiding Young Children's Crop and Learning, and prepare thinking environing the required averment and individualized samples you might comprise in your portfolio drawing.
  • Download and sculpture the form:


  • In the left-hand post, register the subjoined areas of enucleatement and education you allure be including in your portfolio drawing. These comprise:
    • Large Muscle Development
    • Small Muscle Development
    • Basic Concepts of Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Cognitive Crop - Thinking
    • Language Development—Oral Language
    • Language Development—Literacy Development
    • Personal-Social Development—Personal Development
    • Personal-Social Development—Social Development

Note: You can use more than one row for each area of enucleatement and education.


  • Review your Portfolio Drawing and recite your enucleatement of the drawing to what you entertain erudite environing drawingning for cogent imposts by considering:
    • How implementing the Portfolio Drawing could supply to your understanding of the slip whom you chosen for your Slip Study Project.
    • Any subjoined notice, not practised in the Plan, that you handle would add to your growing understanding of the slip whom you chosen for your Slip Study Project.

For this assignment, succumb:

Assignment length: 2 pages


Note: As your Application Assignment for this week, you allure succumb your Reflection and your Portfolio Drawing at the end of Week 4.