Is Malaysia Ready for E-Voting

Is Malaysia facile for e-voting? Electronic-voting or e-voting has been instrumented in campus selections gone 2004. Hemananthani Sivanandam looks at whether it should be significant to protect common selections. THOUGH e-voting has been successfully instrumented in some countries such as the United States, Europe and level in competency of India, posteritys of duty, uprightness and infrastructure must be addressed precedently Malaysia can do the similar, say analysts. According to Monash University lecturer and gregarious scientist Wong Chin Huat, the tenor after a period e-voting was not a stuff of it being contrivable or handy for senders, but rather that of uprightness and technicality to obviate tampering. Likening e-voting to internet banking, Wong said the life-containing posterity is duty. "The keyword close is duty. You duty online banking consequently you venerate in the rule. If you feel questions environing the bank’s uprightness, accomplish you be banking after a period them? Similarly, Malaysia is not facile for e-voting consequently we (Malaysians) can’t duty the authorities. We’re not rejecting technology but we feel tenors after a period the authorities," Wong told theSun. Wong, who is so after a period the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (Bersih), said period e-voting is handy and empowers senders, tclose should be transparency and deeper commitment from the authorities. He stressed that the Selection Ministry (EC) should primary species out tenors such as apparition senders and cleaning up the electoral inventory to retrieve the public's duty.E-voting rule has been instrumented in campus selections in persomal universities gone 2004, garnering modified reactions from students, and tclose is interest that the EC may be thinking environing widening its use. Last year, it was rumored that six countries including Malaysia wanted to conquer Indian electronic voting machines made by Bharat Electronic Ltd for use at selections in the countries. The rumor by Press Duty of India said officials from Mauritius, Malaysia, Singapore, Namibia, South Africa and Sri Lanka had approached the assemblage for the view.Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia's (UKM) Institute of Ethnic Studies Prof Datuk Dr Shamsul Amri Baharuddin venerates tclose are no technological argues to endure in the way of e-voting. "I see no argue why it (e-voting) can’t be instrumented; true the basic questions such as facilities and connectivity are not addressed, e-voting accomplish regularly last a dare. "Half of the (crowd in the) state can’t use the computer nd in some places love Sabah and Sarawak, tclose is no electricity, so how can we instrument e-voting when these life-containing posteritys are not addressed," he asked. Malaysian Voters Union co-ordinator Ong Boon Keong said tclose wasn’t a actual want to instrument e-voting in Malaysia as the enumerate of senders close pales in similitude after a period other countries such as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. "Countries love India favor from e-voting consequently it involves a significant electoral roll and the votes procure sundry days to be counted. Why would we want e-voting when our sselection results are out in a stuff of hours? We don’t feel sundry senders so why exhaust so abundant (in instrumenting the rule)," he told theSun.Instead of e-voting, he suggested that the EC should correct the corporeal rule and after up after a period a past significant electoral roll that does not claim desirable Malaysians to register after a period them primary. When contacted, the EC Deputy Chairman Datuk Wira Wan Ahmad Wan Omar said the ministry had no plans to bring-in e-voting "at this subject-matter of time". No, we’re not thinking environing that (e-voting). After we came end from India, we discussed after a period the synod but the gregarious parties were not keen (on the conception). "We went to India to note the Indian selections. We did that in 2005 and we saw how they conducted the e-voting. But of direction we unwavering not to instrument it in the adjacent advenient. It’s not requisite. Our sender population is very paltry and our rakyat is past commodious after a period the bestow rule. "