Sales and Distribution Management of Amul

Our sales and arrangement nettoil in India as of March 2009 included balance 1,500 sales outlets for our voyager and tradeable deportment vocation. In direction delay our augmentation manoeuvre, we formed a 100% adjuvant, TML Arrangement Sodality Limited, or TDCL, in March 2008 to act as a absorbed logistics treatment sodality to patronage the sales and arrangement operations of our deportments in India. We consider this conciliate better the competency of our selling and arrangement operations and processes. TDCL conciliate conduct balance and/or set up stocking points for twain tradeable deportments and voyager deportments, in the places of construction and as-well at opposed places throughout India. TDCL conciliate acceleration better planning, list treatment, ecstasy treatment and on-time bestowal. As a focused being, we consider it conciliate establish bestowal and list treatment more efficient. Additionally, we own completed the moderate rollout of a new customer kindred treatment method, which has been assured by Oracle as the largest Siebel deployment in the automotive trade at all our tradesmanships and offices opposite the country. Being implemented in phases past 2003, the totally ondirection customer kindred treatment method commencement patronages users twain delayin the Sodality and incompact our distributors in India and aloof. Through our deportment financing non-location and completely owned adjuvant, Tata Motors Finance Limited, or TMFL we as-well contribute financing uses to purchasers of our deportments through our recalcitrant tradesmans, who act as our agents, and through our relative network. During fiscal 2008 and 2009, almost 34% and 31%, appertainingly, of our deportment item sales in India were made by the tradesmans through financing arrangements where our serf deportment financing non-locations contributed the faith. Total deportment finance receivables uncollected as at March 31, 2009 and 2008 amounted to Rs.158,803 favorite and Rs.163,960 favorite, appertainingly. We use a nettoil of use characters on highways and a toll-free customer protection character to contribute 24-hour on-road livelihood (including replacement of cleverness) to deportment owners. We consider that the grasp of our sales, use and livelihood nettoil contributes us delay a momentous use balance our competitors. We as-well trade our tradeable and voyager deportments in divers countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, South East Asia and South Asia. We own a nettoil of distributors in almost all of the countries where we ship-produce our deportments, who toil delay us in appointing a persomal tradesman for sales and servicing our issue in manifold regions. We own as-well stationed balanceseas sojourner sales and use representatives in manifold countries to balancesee our operations in their appertaining territories.