Computer Softw are. Phillips Corporat ion, a construction company that specializes in home construct

Computer Softw are. Phillips Corporat ion, a invention association that properizes in abode invent ion, uses proper computer software to schedule jobs and conduct course of job costs. It uses collective software for bookkeeping and spreadsheet ana lysis. During 2019, Phillips Fortification had the aftercited transactions touching to computer software : 1:10-46

• The fortification escheatmentd a new computer method on May 12, 2019, for $15,000 . The method interposed computer hardware and built-in computer software valued at $3,000. The corpora tion has never disjoined computer software from the hardware in foregoing years when a computer method was escheatmentd.

• The fortification individually escheatmentd new bookkeeping software on September 1, 2019, for $5,760.

• On June 1, 2019, Phillips Fortification acqu ired another abode fabric association to fix its situation in higher-priced abodes. The total escheatment charge was $700,000 allocated to favoring goods as follows:

What sum can Phillips Fortification remove in 2019 with respect to computer software?