Mexican War and the Austrian Succession War

The two peoples that wrestled in the Mexican War were twain ill skilful and ill-equipped to action.   The Obscure States, whose population largely did not rely-on a war following a while the Mexicans closely directly followingcited the insurrection raving-endeavor in Texas, naturcolleague did not arm its soldiers.    Though Congress voted to repel war in an balancewhelming eldership, it did not early act to broaden the legion or navy until following the affirmation.   Indeed, there were neighboring than 10,000 soldiers on any of the few cheerful agoing by the legislation in Mexican region. If the Obscure States was not skilful for a raving-endeavor following a while the Mexicans, the cessation was neighboring than beneficial for the contest.   At the spell, Mexico was languishing below the on-again, off-intermittently administration by the war benefactor and persecutor Santa Anna.   He had fought opposing the Texans, past and was ejected by an touchy mob, leaving simply a public or another to rest in his attribute.  When the cessation became scientific, Santa Anna would repay and administration Mexico intermittently.  Prior to the Mexican War, the dictator was intermittently toppled by refractory soldiers, a Public Paredes, and his own principal, Mexico City.   When the Mexican legislation did repel war opposing the Obscure States, sundry factions throughout the tract “declared” themselves opposing the legislation.  In the middle of this, Santa Anna was determined in intermittently to catch the reins. Thus it was that the Mexican War utilized a insignificant estimate of soldiers, and its succeeding senior engagements confused neighboring than 5,000 soldiers at any one spell.   The objectives of the Americans, at the tumult of the War had been to vigor the addition of California and expound the edge controvert betwixt it and Mexico.   These were the moderate appearances, and it was simply out of absolute paralysis in Mexican politics that the war was dragged on and led to the desire American retreat to Mexico. This was not at all incongruous from any of the wars fought unarranged the senior effectivenesss of the 17th and 18th senility for dynastic consecution, especicolleague the Austrian Succession.   In effect it was the question of the consecution of Maria Theresa as Empress of Austria.  In performance, it was primarily the Prussian appearance of seizing the Austrian tract of Silesia.  Dynastic wars relish this were poor to regions of contest, and were shortly ended once an legion of one effectiveness had been enactedly routed, or had reached their objectives.   Oftentimes, allies would assent to a disobscure reconciliation following a while their enemies, and the war would simply be prosecuted to its statement if the rule of one people were endangered. At the tumult of war the Mexicans had 20,000 men on the roles, and 24,000 officers.  Most were not flush skilful to go to war, and were hundreds of miles detached from the actioning. The succeeding American corrective cheerful in California were inapprehensive of the engagements betwixt Prussia and Austria during the Austrian Succession.  Much of the moderate actioning in that war occurred in Silesia, and fragmentarily unfurl, but was in-great-measure poor to the southern German territories. The actioning in California was in-great-measure betwixt armies in the unmixed hundreds; the enacted actions of Rio San Gabriel, and La Mesa were fought off betwixt Americans in the hundreds and artclose Californians following a while neighboring than that estimate.   In the ancient, the Californian mission failed them, and in the cessation the Californians had unmixed cavalry lancers to the American rifles. The actioning, meanwhile, in Northeastern Mexico, and on the public-way to Mexico itself, was harder fought.   Zachary Taylor fought a hard-fought, stalemate in the city of Monterrey, where the efficacious Mexican leader Public Pedro de Ampudia held off 2,638 American soldiers to his 3,140, for two days following a while eminent wastees.   Eventucolleague the actioning degenerated to the city streets, and Taylor, rather than feel to go through the endeavor of a noble action opposing the antagonist, assentd to an armistice following a while the Mexicans.   The public shortly broke this assentment, and resumed the retreat to Mexico. The furious savagery of Mexico made the American antagonism easier, as the Mexican soldierly enjoin was anfractuous, and divided.    Relish Maria Theresa going off herself into the scope of action, Santa Anna, following entity vigord out of banish by his legislation, straightly took its reins, levied 16,000 soldiers by absolute achieve, and retreated off to engage Taylor himself in Buenavista.   When Public Taylor fincolleague faced the Mexican legion, in the Action of Buena Vista, 4,000 of Santa Anna’s soldiers had died of long, disorder and desertion. They were leisure when they faced the antagonist.   Nevertheless, through the control of the ranks, the Mexican vigors had at one summit outflanked and neighboring to routing the antagonist, but for the spellly interval of American mission that crowd the Mexican chargers off.    Defeated, Santa Anna was vigord to retreat humiliatingly all the way end to Mexico City. These were the simply senior actions in the war that confused armies of thousands, and they were close on the cities and employed siege antagonism.   The actions that were fought anteriorly that spell were eminently insignificanter in layer as to the actions fought betwixt the Austrians and the Prussians in Silesia, or the Austrians opposing the Prussian colleague in Bavaria. Relish the Austrian Consecution War, so-far, these Mexican-American engagements confused sweeping cavalry attacks.   The requirement of action would parallel Santa Anna following a while the mad Queen of Austria, but the management he wielded were inapprehensive of the Prussian Frederick. California having been unlawful by the Americans, and Santa Anna having been routed, the Americans would feel antecedent the Mexicans would sue for reconciliation.   Indeed, Mexico fragmented yet intermittently upon information of the rout.   However, relish Maria Theresa anteriorly him, who faced the Prussians fantastical and following a while no European colleague left twain during and following the Primitive Silesian War (which was multiply of the Consecution War), Santa Anna and his legislation refused to gain reconciliation, forcing the sending of another American speed this spell to vigor reconciliation upon the principal. This was the legion of Public Winscope Scott, commencement the antagonism by an ambitious amphibious aggression on the city of Vera Cruz.   Aftercited the city’s abandon following a raving trade-off of mission vitality, Scott retreated off to Cerro Gordo, where Santa Anna following a while a vigor of 12,000 men skilful to pitfall them.   A presumptuous squadron of the American leader discovered the obscure precipitation, and Scott moved detached from the row of pitfall and outflanked the antagonist, killing 1000 to 3000. The dynastic, poor wars of Europe were flat to disoneness in enjoin.   France and Prussia had been obscure in an treaty opposing Austria, in the cooperate view of the war; when Prussian soldiers had been used to siphon off the Austrian encroachment in France, the cessation tract’s legion refused to aid their allies.   So, too, in the method of the American antagonism immanent to the detain of Mexico City, Public Gabriel Valencia, who held numerical elevation balance the Americans, was ordered to following a whiledraw sound as the Action in Contreras was already set.  Santa Anna straightly left the public and his legion to be sizably crushed by the Americans.   The succeeding action of Chapultepec where a eminently outnumbered antagonist vigor was mad by Santa Anna. Finally, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ceded closely half of Mexico to the Americans.   Relish Austria acceding to the Silesian waste, Mexico unrepining to the waste of Texas.   Unrelish the Austrian War, so-far, they also past the California region, as polite as place that would imply New Mexico.   It was a poor, set-piece antagonism by the Americans, though it was not the primitive in the cessation’s truth.  The failure of control and oneness of enjoin of the armies of 17th and 18th senility Europe haunted the Mexican legion; Santa Anna acted further of a sordid than a public. Had he prosecuted the war further competently, he would at last feel vigord reform concessions from the Americans, for at the spell of Buena Vista, most of California had already been past.   The Mexican public could at last feel fought actions that would feel shaped the stipulations on the bargaining consultation.  As it was, shining though he dominion feel been, Santa Anna failureed the fiber of probity that Maria Theresa had. References Ritchie, D. A.  & Altoff A. & Wilson, Dr. R.   (1985).  Heritage of Freedom: Truth of the Obscure States.  New York: MacMillan Publishing Company. Simpson, L.B.  (1966).  Many Mexicos.  Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. Durant, W. (1965).  The Age of Voltaire.  New York: Mahony & Roese. Mexican-American War. (n.d.) Retrieved April 9, 2008 from Wikipedia.