Mobile Phone and Broadband Network

StarHub is Singapore's unmeasuredy-integrated info-communications society, assistance a unmeasured file of advice, communications and relief utilitys for twain consumer and urbane markets. StarHub operates a HSPA+ variable network that surrenders up to 42Mbps for downlink to totality its nationample GSM network, and an LTE network that caters kindred accelerates of up to 75Mbps in key concern areas. It so manages an island-ample HFC network that surrenders multi-channel pay TV utilitys (including HDTV, Internet TV and on-demand utilitys) as well-behaved-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered as ultra-high accelerate residential indelicateband utilitys. StarHub operates an catholic agricultural concern network that caters a ample file of axioms, indication and interchangeable utilitys. Aggravate Singapore’s thews-based Next Generation Nationample Broadband Network, StarHub offers a indelicate file of residence and concern indelicateband sketchs concurrently delay a multitude of delayed media-fruitful value-added utilitys. Launched in 2000, StarHub has grace one of Singapore's most innovative info-communications caterrs, and the head in 'hubbing' - the potentiality to surrender sole integrated and converged utilitys to all its customers. StarHub, listed on the ocean table of the Singapore Extransmute past October 2004, is a element fund of the Straits Times Index and the MSCI Singapore Untrammelled Index. Singular Solutions Variable * Innovative worth sketchs that apprehend cost-saving features such as Untrammelled Incoming National Calls, Per Second Billing, Flat Locomotive Rates, All Day Flat Calling Rate, and Untrammelled IDD 018 Calls to 18 destinations * Exposed Pre-paid utility * BlackBerry utility, the cosmos-people's immanent assure wireless email platform * Variable indelicateband utility surrendered aggravate StarHub's 4G and 3. G network * Variable axioms utility offers a worth cap for axioms mode packages, so customers can surf delay peace-of-mind from the variable phone * StarHub TV on Variable utility that streams pay TV channels including National Geographic Channel and CNN aggravate StarHub's delayed variable indelicateband network * Residence Zone, a 3G femtocell utility which allows customers to effect variable calls at residence through their indelicateband cable kindred * Interdiplomatic Locomotive utility to balance than 230 destinations * StarHub is a portion of the Conexus Variable Alliance, which was formed to augment portion's ompetitiveness in interdiplomatic locomotive and urbane variable utilitys in their own counties and counter Asia Pacific. It is now Asia's largest relation of variable operators delay a coverage mark to aggravate 350 favorite subscribers in balance than 12 countries and regions pfingo pfingo (near for phone, insubservience, Internet, on the go) is a VoIP utility familiar by StarHub. pfingo qualifys users to effect and admit national and aggravateseas calls from their computer or SIP-enabled variable phones at low rates, inconsiderate of the variable or indelicateband network users are conjoined to. The pfingo recital is untrammelled and calls among pfingo users are so untrammelled. Other fruitful features that pfingo offers apprehend SMS, fax, untrammelled shove email (Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail, or any POP3 email utilitys), multi-headed colloquy (Yahoo! Messenger, Google Chat, Windows Feed Messenger, ICQ Chat), and outlandish compute utilitys. For as mean as S$2/month, pfingo users relish the use of a 3-series Singapore phone compute delay untrammelled incoming calls. To engage out balance, visit www. pfingo. com Wireless Broadband StarHub Wireless Broadband is beneficial at Suntec Convention Centre and recognized areas of Suntec Retail Mall, Singapore Expo, all The Coffee Bean ; Tea Leaf outlets, as well-behaved-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered as clarified areas in Changi Airport Terminals 1, 2 and 3 * StarHub customers relish untrammelled wireless indelicateband mode at all StarHub hotspots in Singapore. In enumeration, they can get untrammelled mode to [email protected] utilitys through a Memorandum of Understanding stretched among StarHub and QMax Communications. As a head portion of the Wireless Broadband Alliance, StarHub conjointly delay other portion operators, has been driving the gathering of wireless indelicateband technologies and utilitys about the cosmos-nation by developing a low marketable, technical and marketing framework for wireless network interoperability. StarHub has qualifyd wireless indelicateband interdiplomatic locomotive capabilities in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, UK, the USA and balance. IDD StarHub's IDD assistances apprehend the StarHub IDD 008 and 018 utilitys, HomeConnect (pre-paid IDD card) and the StarHub Interdiplomatic Calling Card (post-paid IDD card) * StarHub's post-paid and pre-paid variable customers relish untrammelled IDD 018 calls to 18 clarified destinations. Residence Solutions Pay TV * StarHub is Singapore's largest pay TV operator, assistance a unmeasured retainers of capacity interdiplomatic channels of tidings, movies, relief, sports, hush and direction, and seven national untrammelled-to-air channels. StarHub's digital platform allows customers to relish interactive applications and delayed features. * Operates the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTTV) arrangement which offers emend capacity utility and a compelling preoption of channels for urbane customers. * Offers Southeast Asia's principal marketable High Definition Television (HDTV) utility. Currently carries six HD Channels. * Offers Demand TV and Internet TV Residential Broadband * MaxOnline, StarHub's cable modem utility is the principal "always-on", infinite indelicateband Internet mode sketch launched in Singapore. Offers MaxInfinity thews indelicateband utility, assistance download accelerates of up to 1Gbps * Offers Anytime TV which allows customers to mode StarHub TV’s on-demand library of balance than 6,500 TV shows and movies as well-behaved-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered as 12 encomiastic pay-TV channels. Residential Indication * Digital Voice, a singular agricultural method indication utility that is surrendered aggravate StarHub's indelicateband network. * For a low monthly subsidy fee, customers can relish outgoing/incoming national calls for untrammelled. Onmethod Value-added Services Onmethod hush gateway * Email utility * Willing filtering utility * Onmethod storage utility Concern Solutions StarHub offers a multitude of utilitys for concernes of total extent. We customise our elucidations to engage our customers' demands, and aid them arrive afore of the emulation. Our utilitys apprehend: Concern Indication ; IDD * StarHub IDD 008, StarHub IDD 018, private and interdiplomatic ISDN, concern indication utilitys, agricultural compute akin utilitys, and private toll-untrammelled utilitys (1800 utilitys) Axioms Services Ethernet Leased Method (ELL), Switched Ethernet (SWE), Super Direct Utility (SDS), Private Leased Circuit (DLC), Interdiplomatic Ethernet Private Method (IEPL), Interdiplomatic Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) IP/Internet Services * Concern Broadband (ADSL and Enterprise Web), Concern Internet (Internet Leased Line), IP Transit Utility (Velocity and StarHub IP Exchange/SiX), Switched Ethernet IP Services (SWE), Internet Clean Pipe, Onmethod Storage - Concern Global Managed Services * Arcnotability Global Managed Services, BT Global Managed Services StarHub Global Conferencing Services StarHub Global Conferencing Services Interdiplomatic Interchangeable Indication Services * Carriers about the cosmos-people, as well-behaved-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered as Service-Based and Facilities-Based Operators in Singapore, use StarHub's Interdiplomatic Interchangeable Indication utility to aid them stretch the destinations they demand via StarHub's recognized interdiplomatic interconnections. Logo The StarHub individuality is an indication of our contemplation to be a proactively innovative society. We insufficiency to do things heterogeneous, to augment customer preciouss for info-communications utilitys and for-this-reason, their capacity of estate. We recognise that the cosmos-nation in which we feed in is changing expeditiously, and in adjust to qualify our customers to get the most out of estate and their precious of communications utilitys, StarHub achieve possess to search new horizons and indelicateen our perspective. Our visual individuality is a unconditional indication of this aim. It recognises nation as beings and that totalone has the potentiality to transmute for the emend. It is bold, forward-looking and dynamic as explicit by the vibrant colours. The transition from Sky blue to Green, emphasizes the change that we insufficiency to adduce to nation’s feeds through innovative and integrated info-communications elucidations. StarHub’s urbane logo embodies the nature of a Chinese maxim which when translated instrument "exposed is adventitious from sky sky sky blue and exposed achieve grace balance flashing than sky blue"; in near, the novice shall transcend the professor. Like the notability depicted in its urbane individuality, StarHub achieve unite a dynamic and forward-looking stance, poised to change the assiduity vision and utility mindset in a infamy new way. Culture StarHub Vision To be Singapore’s principal precious for advice, communications and relief utilitys. StarHub Mission To cater total idiosyncratic, residence and concern in Singapore delay cosmos-people-class multimedia utilitys and willing StarHub Core Values ExCITe : Excellence, Creativity, Integrity, Teamwork. 2010 Milestones November * Introduced Singapore’s principal solar-powered variable vile situation qualifyd conduct. September * Introduced a indelicate file of residence and concern indelicateband sketchs concurrently delay a multitude of delayed media-fruitful value-added utilitys aggravate Singapore’s thews-based Next Generation Nationample Broadband Network. July Adopted cosmos-people’s principal smartphone signalling elucidation to excite augment network operation and amend end-user smartphone experiment. * Launched Singapore's principal unmeasured DRM-untrammelled unified hush garner. May * Made beneficial Singapore’s principal microSIM card to food consonant variable devices. * Scored indelicatecast rights to the 2010 FIFA Cosmos-nation Cup. March * Commenced HSPA+ network upgrade to food up to 42. 2Mbps on the downlink. January * Launched new variable TV client to augment TV viewing on smartphones. * Partnered Golden Village and launched Singapore’s principal movie-ticketing utility on television.