Unit iii homework assignment | Political Science homework help

 Field Assignment, Part 1: QuestionnaireThis is step one of the field assignment, and it involves drafting a questionnaire with at least two entry-phase questionsand two contracting-phase questions. The following list contains examples of these types of questions. You may use thequestions listed below, or you can choose to draft your own set of questions (as […]

M3d1 art 101 | History homework help

NOTES FOR ASSIGNMENT!!! Module 3 presents two cultures of the Aegean: the Minoans of Crete, and the Mycenaean people on the Greek mainland. The rarity of written evidence from this period forces historians to rely on architectural remains and artifacts to interpret the cultures. We will do the same. Two vibrant Aegean civilizations existed that […]

Evaluating the ethics of facebook

  Facebook came under public criticism in 2018 when the story broke that Cambridge Analytica, a data/consulting firm, obtained data regarding Facebook users without their knowledge or consent.  It is estimated that 87 million users were affected and that the information likely included users’ birth dates, page likes and public profiles.  There was also concern […]

Week 4 ppol 505 exercise 3

  Practice Exercises 3 Complete the following exercises from your Salkind text. None of the questions this week require the use of SPSS. Save all of your work as one single Word file and upload it for grading. Show your work when required. Chapter 7, “Time to Practice” questions 3, 5, and 6 Chapter 8, […]

Week 3 discussion | Political Science homework help

Recently, pro-whaling countries (e.g., Japan, Norway, and Iceland) have advocated the increased “harvest” of whales as the populations of some whale species have risen in numbers. These countries are already harvesting whales under a loophole in the international whaling treaty (“research”) and some of these harvested “research whales” have appeared in the market (e.g., “whale […]