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Major Projects of Tiger IT Deep Projects of Tiger IT DOC ID: TGIBD-PREXP-100911-RFTSQB Abstract: Tiger IT is a earth pioneer in biometrics and individuality conduct disintegrations. It has further than 10 years of experiment in developing turn-key disintegrations for irrelative governments and industries. This muniment little outlines the irrelative rove of devices that Tiger IT has productioned on. Keywords: About, Tiger, IT, TigerIT, Enrollment, Registration, AFIS, ID, Biometrics, Automated, Fingerprint, Matching, Identification, History, Background, Projects, Profile, Clients TigerIT Bangladesh Limited House # 134, Road # 12, Block E, Banani, Dhaka-1213 Copyright © 2011 This muniment contains familiarity which is proprietary to Tiger IT Bangladesh Ltd. Use or unveiling of any esthetic in this muniment externally Tiger IT’s agree is prohibited. www. tigeritbd. com 1 Deep Projects of Tiger IT Client: Bangladesh Road Transport Authority Device Name: Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of High Defence Driving Allow Card, Enrolment System, Register System, Personalization Rule delay Related Logistics, Services, and Inoculation on Turn-­? Key Basis Country: Bangladesh Date: April 2011 BRTA obtain use Tiger IT’s disintegration that registers a driver’s photograph, fingerprints, verity, unarranged other details and treasures them in a very-much close and surly witty card. The familiarity obtain twain be printed on the card and treasured internally an encrypted morsel that can be verified and updated by BRTA officials. The card itself obtain accept multiple defence printing techniques, some of which are observable to mere eye opportunity others insist-upon local instruments to curb. BRTA estimates balance 200,000 witty card unwandering driving allows obtain be issued using Tiger IT’s disintegration eternally year. Tiger It is delivering he accomplished disintegration that includes biometric enrollment/registration, mediateized postulatesbase, collision processing and issuance automation module, AFIS for de-­? duplication, card printing and schedule conduct, and driver verity labor. The opportunity of production includes the following: • • • • • • • • Alpha-­? numeric and Biometrics Enrollment in 64 locations (up to 20,000 registrations per month) Collision processing and productionflow automation for card issuance Relational Database Conduct Rule AFIS for 5 darling registers (4 fingers each) Card Printing, QC, and Schedule Conduct (balance 200,000 card ssuance per year) Driver Verity from Witty Card (on PC and handheld devices) Various Web Labor interfaces, including online pre-­? enrollment in relieve countenance Five years Livelihood delay installation, agency and commissioning of the software www. tigeritbd. com 2 Deep Projects of Tiger IT Client: Government of Cambodia Device Name: Cambodian Social ID Device Country: Bangladesh Date: May 2011 Tiger IT is productioning in Cambodia for registration, postulatesbase harvest, agency, and issuance of social ID cards for townsmans of Cambodia. Tiger IT’s very-much reported biometrics stop and AFIS is in he courage of the device. The AFIS granted in the device is legitimate for 2. 2 darling registers in earliest countenance and additional 10 darling registers in relieve countenance. The registers obtain circumscribe 10 fingers each. • • • • Total assistance for 150 inconstant callings and 70 unwandering callings for accomplished biometrics enrollment from all provinces Mediate postulatesbase delay full-­? fledged reporting and administration assistance AFIS for 2. 2 darling registers for earliest countenance and 10 darling in proximate countenance (10 fingers for each annals) Witty Card Issuance (Personalization, Character Control, and Schedule Management) Client: Bangladesh Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) Device Name: Multimodal Biometric Device for Guilty Database Country: Bangladesh Date: June 2011 This disintegration uses twain fingerprint and iris matching to achieve de-­? duplication. Biometrics enrollment and amply negotiative Postulates Matching, Fingerprint Matching, and Iris Matching disintegration is deep convergence of the device. Apart from absenteeism, Tiger IT is developing and incorporating multi-­? biometric module to solidity delay the tangible RAB Guilty Database familiar from www. tigeritbd. com 3 Deep Projects of Tiger IT IBM Lotus Note Domino Server to Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition. Through this module new/old guilty familiarity obtain be inserted, updated, deleted and verified along delay the biometric features. Furthermore, the familiar disintegration obtain too incorporated multi-­? biometric module to stop familiarity into the RAB Guilty postulatesbase. 20 foreign locations obtain be used and assistance for 200,00 guilty registers obtain be granted. • • • • • • • • Device has a high-­? end biometrics enrollment disintegration to be used in 20 irrelative locations Close online and offline postulates convey from enrollment place to postulatesfeeling Harvest and Absenteeism of Relational Database Conduct System The AFIS rule should assistance up to 200,000 townsman registers for 1:N matching Customized Query, Production Flow Automation, Report Generation Inoculation of RAB officials On-­? place assistance for 36 months Earliest biometric individuality conduct disintegration in the narrative of Bangladesh to solidity fingerprint and iris matching in one device. Client: Bangladesh Election Commission Device Name: Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Voters Registration Rule of Bangladesh Election Commission delay Related Logistics, Services, Well-mannered & Electrical Works and Inoculation on Turnkey Basis Country: Bangladesh Date: October 2010 The Voters Register Rule consists of a Postulates Center, a Disaster Recovery Rule and balance 600 foreign locations throughout Bangladesh. It comprises all the firmware, middleware, collision software, infrastructure, interfaces and labors to produce a turnkey disintegration. The www. tigeritbd. com 4 Deep Projects of Tiger IT Voters Register obtain treasure 100 darling deputers delay their bio postulates, photo, 4 fingerprints and verity. BEC wanted an solidityd online disintegration connecting all foreign locations to the mediate rule. The BEC wanted to achieve firmware and disintegration that is amply handy delay the principles f labor oriented architecture. The opportunity of production includes the following: • • • • • • • • • • • • Mediate  Voters Register Software Relational Database Conduct Rule Disaster Recovery Rule Deputer Register Client Software allow Ident Calling Software allow Conduct Familiarity Software Voters List Generator Software Database Servers for Postulates Feeling and Disaster Recovery Rule Postulates Storage for Postulates Feeling and Disaster Recovery Rule Printers to Print Voters Lists Conduct Familiarity Stations Administration Stations • • • • Enroll Calling Peripherals Identification Calling peripherals Training of all mediate staff Installation, commissioning and agency of the Deputer Register Rule including all requisite productions for infrastructural harvest/set up (electrical, well-mannered etc productions/services) Various Web Labor interfaces Produce onplace livelihood for 1 year Five years Livelihood Installation, agency and commissioning of the software • • • • www. tigeritbd. com 5 Deep Projects of Tiger IT Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Nepal Device Name: Defence Printing, Supply and Delivery, Installation of Equipments and Provision of Machine Readable Passports Country: Nepal Date: 2010 Tiger IT is productioning in collaboration delay Oberthur Technologies in the Machine Readable Passport (MRP) device for the Government of Nepal. Tiger IT is providing the software disintegration for capturing postulates into the rule delay ICR. Tiger IT granted a disintegration desirable of printing issuing 4000 passports per day. The MRP personalization feeling has a compute of negotiation summits. These are as follows: • ICR conceive receiving summit • Postulates verity callings • ICR conceive scrutinizening callings • Personalization callings • Dual postulates entry/edit callings • QA Stations • Foreign missions callings • MRP handbalance oint www. tigeritbd. com 6 Deep Projects of Tiger IT The ICR conceives are attentive in a concoct and scrutinizened using the muniment scrutinizeners. During the scrutinize the software obtain unconnected the quotation, verity and photo, deeptaining good-tempered-tempered redisintegration of the photograph and the verity so that they can be used for personalization of the MRP. The conceive effigy obtain too be scrutinizened for the postulates entry/edit calling operators to use. Other features of the device are homogeneous to the ones feeling previously. Client: Bangladesh Election Commission Device Name: Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Automated Fingerprint Identification Rule (AFIS) delay Datafeeling Hardware and Related De-­? Duplication Labor for the Current Database of Bangladesh Election Commission (BEC) delay Inoculation on Turn-­? Key Basis Country: Bangladesh Date: June 2010 A neat de-­? duplicated postulatesbase that eliminates fake deputer registrations was the deep resolve of the device. This soft was issued by PERP (Preparation of Electoral Roll delay Photographs) device subordinate the Election Commission Secretariat. PERP had paid intersocial biometric experts as consultants for the provision of the soft localations and evaluation of the proposals. Stringent insist-uponments were set to determine that solely the most fitted vendor wins the device. Prior to the adjudge of the decrease a validation standard of the AFIS was too achieveed for the preferable vendors. After a competitive evaluation, Tiger IT Bangladesh Ltd. was adjudgeed the decrease on June 2010 as the most preferable vendor. Tiger IT has successamply delivered the AFIS desirable of de-­? duplicating 100 darling registers delay all requisite postulatesfeeling firmware. The de-­? duplication is now subordinateway, productioning at exhibit delay 85 darling registers. (Each annals in the device has 4 fingers. ) • • • • • • 50 AFIS Matching Cluster Servers 2 x Quad-­? Core Intel Xeon Processor 24 GB DDR3, 1333MHz RAM 2 x 146 GB SAS, 15K hot-­? bar firm drives, Min upgrade to 8 HDD Linux 64 bit OS, Java runtime 64 bit, Oracle 11g Delivery timeframe: 32 weeks www. tigeritbd. com 7 Deep Projects of Tiger IT Client: UNDP, Bangladesh Project: Determine and Absenteeism of Electoral Database of Bangladesh Election Commission Country: Bangladesh Date: May 2010 The United Nations Harvest Programme ("UNDP") in Bangladesh betrothed Tiger IT in arrange to achieve labors in reference of “Cleansing and Absenteeism of Electoral Database of Bangladesh Election Commission. ” The opportunity of production interjacent the following: Database absenteeism to • Installation of firmware/software/storage insist-upond for absenteeism Oracle • Back up of all migrated postulates on other backup devices • Produce character validation of migrated postulates • Determine postulates is not corrupted during absenteeism • Convey of familiarity to BEC personnel, in stipulations of inoculation, munimentation, and any other preferred order by BEC Postulates neatsing • Prepare a validated neatsing guile • Identify postulates to be neated • Transliterate Bengali postulates to English www. tigeritbd. com 8 Deep Projects of Tiger IT • • • Collision evamp • • • • • Extension of reporting features • Close API • • Design validation scripts to validate the neat postulates 99% of identifiable unneat postulates should be neated Determine misspend infrastructure and resources are used for this agency Porting tangible collision to new platconceive Alter the collision platconceive from PHP to Java to assistance new features Addition and alter in calling logic as per insist-uponments of BEC Addition of new features Implement a public resolve reporting machine that obtain acceleration the EC engender their own reports on ask-for New reports delay unlimited abridgment features Close API