Relationship Between Quality, Satisfaction And Behavioral Intentions In Event Management Industry


In the event management industry, customer satisfaction is highly important. The customer satisfaction is highly dependent upon the service quality and determines the behavioral intentions of the customers. Therefore, the present literature review will discuss the definition of quality, satisfaction and behavioral intention, their inter-relationship and the role of event manager in uplifting the service quality.

According to the Mackay, Mostert and Petzer, (2015) quality services refer as a medium of exchange between what customers expected and what they are receiving. In the same essence, Gration Raciti, Getz & Andersson (2016) has stated that buyer first expectation is to be provided with adequate services as per their needs. In the present world, competition among the event management business is very high in such situation it becomes difficult for the firm to make any unique position in the market. For the business, evaluation of buyer’s intentions is an important variable. The firm needs to set their standards as per the perception of customers not as per management terms. The quality services emphasis on the five dimensions which includes Assurance, Empathy, Reliability, Responsiveness, and tangibles.  Mackay, Mostert, and Petzer (2015) stated that through differentiation, the companies can achieve competitive advantage.  The event industry is highly competitive and services are almost similar in nature.  In the views of Allen (2009), the way one can differentiate through the quality services and customer satisfaction. In order to gain satisfaction one need to make additional efforts so the firm can develop long-term relationship with clients.

In physical appearance, empathy and responsiveness is also affect quality and satisfaction. Poku, Zakari and Soali, (2013) have discussed that empathy refers as personal attention to customers. This dimension is more suitable when firms want to build strong relationship with their customers in long-term.  On other hand, Van Niekerk & Getz (2016) have stated responsiveness refers as the express willingness to help customers and provide the quick services. Staff members need to make healthy and interactive communication with customers. Customers loyalty is also affect when employees serve in better manner. 

The satisfaction refers as fulfilment of the perception of customers and also develops a long-term relationship with pleasurable services. Satisfaction is significant factors as it helps increasing recurring customers. The level of satisfaction can increase or decrease repurchasing. More satisfied customer’s influences loyalty and strategic behavior of the company. Wu (2011) has also stated that buyer’s satisfaction is highly related to the quality. The quality is not the only emphasis on fulfilling demand, but also includes extra efforts included by the business.

Event Satisfaction

There are many factors which help to determine satisfaction and quality of services. In the present time, event is also get affected by quality and satisfaction. In the research of Tanford, and Jung (2017) is argued that there are certain factors that affected satisfaction and quality in the event management industry. The festival provides economic, social and cultural benefits to society. In the festivals session, most determinate factors are cost/value. The cost and environment of any services are considered important elements. For making any event successful planner need to make the focus on the enjoyable environment with reasonable costs.  It makes services more effective. Thus, a business can attract more customers in business.

As per the Clemes, Gan and Ren, (2011.) behavioral intention refers to the loyalty of customers or repetition of purchasing any products. It can also refer to intentions for buyers to make a sustainable relationship with business firms. Quality service and customers satisfaction become medium for behavioral intentions. Positive services and satisfaction lead more positive response in any event.  It can also refer to the individual perception towards one particular brand or services. It hits directly on the profits and survival of the business. Although in the services are considered Intangible but physical appearance is also affect behavior intentions of buyers.  As per research of Ryu, Lee and Gon Kim (2012) it is considered that in tourism and hospitality industry physical appearance, quality of food, location of tourist destinations and can also help to determine behavioral intentions of customers. Apart from the low cost services, customers also attracts with physical appearance. In the research it is identified that tourists like to visit those place where destinations are more beautiful.  

In the present time most of the services are provided through the online mode. According to Bowdin, Allen, Harris, McDonnell & O’Toole (2012) the digital empathy also helps to determined behavior intentions. The more user friendly services provided by business more customers will add into business. Trainor, Andzulis, Rapp, and Agnihotri, (2014) describes that digital media helps to play an important role in behavior intention. If in the online presence customers gained quality services with higher satisfaction then it involved more customers. Due to availability of social media, customers can easily share their views and experiences to other people which also affect other buyer’s intentions. Information and past experience shared by other customers also set behavior intention.  

Behavioral Intentions

The quality, satisfaction, and behavioral intentions are co-related. Price is considered as a most significant factor to determine quality and satisfaction. In general, it is buyer’s perception that low prices intent to low-quality services.  High prices can discourage to customers for consumption of any services. The price of services depends on what the customers are looking for. Kim and Lee (2011) have stated management need to set perception and also a segment of their customers.  Not all customers’ wants to use luxury services, so the price can set buying intention. However, if customers do not have any experience for obtaining services, then cost can become more important because of price sensitivity.

Raza et al. (2012) has highlighted that how industry can use quality and satisfaction to lead positive behaviour intentions.  Hotel business falls in services industry. Services are different from the products because services are intangible. In the hotel industry, the company can attracts more customers if it is willing to provide more quality services. Quality services means fulfilling customers’ needs. Accordingly, Liu, Sparks & Coghlan (2017) have stated the hotel industry, each customers has different needs and demands.  In order to gain more customer’s satisfaction many hotels decrease low cost services to customers. The buyers do not emphasis on the low cost services; however, they also want better management, communications and use of technology. Satisfaction of customers is not only affected by the price, but it also includes the way hotels staff makes communication and interaction with customers. It helps to add more customers in the business.  In the similar research of, Tzetzis, Alexandris, and Kapsampeli (2014) is also concluded that there is a direct relationship between venue quality, quality access and contest quality. For any type of sports event or any other events, managers add different services which can enhance experience of visitors. The high number of services helps to add more satisfaction for visitors. The events which are conducted by an individual or any other society also focus on emotional and social aspects. Dowson & Bassett (2015) have also highlighted the services such as food, music, and participation from local people can increase the experience of visitors.  So from the above discussion, it can be considered that quality, satisfaction, and behavioral intentions are sequence relationship. It is related to each other.  Quality attracts individuals in an activity which helps to increase satisfaction and experiences of any individuals with the events. The more customers are satisfied they add more repurchase in its services. In order to conduct any events, managers should also involve other factors, such as communication, interaction and responsive of customers.

Relationship between Quality, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions

However, Razak, Hikmahana and Mode Shahril, (2017) research is also focusing on different attributes of events. It is identified that there is no direct relationship between quality, satisfaction and behavioral intention of any events. Quality and satisfaction work as mediator which helps to set the positive intention of customers. The findings suggest that any tourism event is more likely affected by destination rather than quality. The positive image of any tourism even attracts more customers or visitors. The quality which is provided by the event manager in any particular event has less impact.  However, Kilkenny (2011) have stated the image of destination is also part of one dimension of quality. In the tourism event, people like to explore new places. Thus the quality of services does not create any negative impact on business.

So, the perception of customers is important before conducting any events. For events, it can consider that individual should also make the focus on the expectation of events. What are the customer’s actual perceptions and needs? Thoroughly only then, managers can able to provide quality and set the price of events. 

In the era, of globalization, the event management companies are facing fierce competition. The aim of event managers is to generate maximum satisfaction for customers through quality services (Gorla, Somers, and Wong, 2010). Quality services and customer satisfaction both are considered an important variable in event management business because it increases word of mouth for the organization, which are essential criteria for the business. The business always tries to put their customers first. If the business wants to give high competition and survive in the market, they need to make sure to give quality services for customers. Similarly, Andersen, S. S., Hanstad & Plejdrup-Skillestad (2015) has stated that it also increases the probability of the repetitive customers. There are many companies which are providing similar nature of services to customers.  In order to beat the competition and add customers in the firm, quality and satisfaction of buyers are essential.

Quality and satisfaction is a conceptual framework which influences people to attend any events.  For making any event successful it is essential to provide high-quality services with satisfaction for them.  In the research Saha and Nath (2017), has highlighted quality of services and factors which make any event excusive and gain the loyalty of customers. Tourist’s Behavioral intentions are directly affected by quality. The quality of services should be justified and perception of customers. In the tourism, even one of the major factors social-psychology factors. In any event, managers need to focus on socialization and enjoyments.  In any event, the quality just not emphasize on food and music. There are several other factors such as environment, emotional state of an individual and their involvement lead to higher satisfaction. Visitors like to prefer that place which has lots of social and local attributes.

Event managers can also use advanced technology to create impact on behavior intention.  Barnett et al. (2014) conduct research on technology in services. Social media and data personalization in the customer’s services helps to business for make customers loyal. Services provider always need to think different to gain more attention from other people. In the sane essence, Allen (2009) in the present time, globalization and rapid usage of technology create huge impact. So in the digital process, management involve use of more friendly services and make website vulnerability effective.  However, the impact of technology is not always positive. If services are not up -to mark and less than perception of buyers then it can lead negative behavioral intentions of customers. 

The relationship between quality, satisfaction, and behavioral intentions is not limited in the business area. This sequence is also applied in different areas such as education and university campus. Research conducted by the Dado and et al., (2012) argued that both quality and satisfaction are important elements in behavior intentions. The type of quality services and level of satisfaction generated helps to set the customer behavior intentions. The level of education provided by the university helps to students to gain more satisfaction. The university needs to adopt cost-effective examination and also make the focus on the present students rather than new one.


In order to conduct any event, it is essential for an event manager to understand the relationship between quality, satisfaction and behavioral intentions for making success any event. Quality of services it should be as per the perception and need of buyers. The manager should make the focus on the various aspects of quality such as information, empathy, responsiveness, and price. The factors help to determine quality and satisfaction of buyers. In the present time, in order to make a success of any event, the services should also accessible easily. There is many researcher conducted which emphases on the direct relationship between quality, satisfaction, and behavioral intentions. The word satisfaction also involved the emotional experiences of any individual.  Any event should be based on enhancing the individual experiences. If person is attached to any event emotionally then the level of satisfaction is higher. Social and emotional experience of visitors set their behavioral intentions.  Thus, the event manager should make the focus on quality and satisfaction of customers by including the five different dimensions. It helps to build a strong relationship with customers and also lead repurchasing in the business.  Behavioral intentions are totally based on quality and satisfaction level of buyers. Thus event managers should make the focus on providing adequate services as per benchmark of customers.


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