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Week 3 - Discourse 2

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Your moderate discourse course is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you feel until Day 7 (Monday) to rejoin to your classmates. Your space allure animadvert twain the peculiarity of your moderate support and the profoundness of your responses. Refer to the Discourse Forum Grading Rubric underneathneath the Settings icon over for direction on how your discourse allure be evaluated.


Health and Healing

Compare and opposition the manifold forms of nutritious and ethnomedicine exhibited in this week’s assigned boundarys and videos. How do cultural values and socio-economic stipulations outline nutritious practices? Should western medical intercession feel taken settle in any of these samples? Why or why not? Discuss the sample of the "Nacirema" amelioration in Miner's boundary.What differences and similarities do you see betwixt this amelioration’s soundness rituals and that of most contemporary Americans?

Your moderate support should be at smallest 250 suffrage in protraction. Support your claims delay samples from required symbolical(s) and/or other read media, and properly refer-to any references.

Respond to at smallest two of your classmates’ supports by Day 7. If potential, pick-out one support that focuses on the scarcity for western medical intercession and another that takes a past culturally not-absolute copy towards ethnomedicine.