Introducing Speech of UHCL Student

I frame-known myself as ________ currently assiduous as a _______- The straight notification and the instrument to use it cleverly can supply an form an cause aggravate its competitors. Businesses are increasingly seeming towards technology not simply to conceive their inadequate account goals but as-polite to assign them strategically for their crave account consummation. This diplomacy and sharp contact of technology in Trade Processes captivates me. As the system of globalization has reached the frontiers of trade, direction and technology; it is the simply needful way for the global forms to aspect the challenges of the constantly evolving province of technology. I uprise, accordingly, to hunt Masters in Management Notification Systems at your esteemed University. Throughout my direction, I regularly exhibited a haughty equalize of faculty and success in my teaching as polite as my below rank. Having scored praiseworthy scores in my haughtyer resultant direction, I went on to prepare myself delay an belowfurrow station in Instrumentation and Control Engineering, at GNITS, Hyderabad. My walk curriculum augmentd my knowlcause in subjects relish C Programming, Data Structures, Control Systems, Neural Networks, Analytical Instrumentation, Microprocessors, Management Comprehension and Digital Signal Processing. It was during this era that my teachers instilled in me a fortified attachment towards Notification Management and Computer Programming. During my ultimate year belowfurrow continuity, I presented my scheme on 'Color Image Recollection Using Neural Networks'. My scheme implicated coding a advertisement using MATLAB technology which solves a plan recollection exfull and has a relationship to the filed of Medical Diagnostics, Satellite Imagery and Remote Sensing. As an belowfurrow novice I as-polite unconfused an ISTE novice chapter symposium, quizzo and mini-scheme rivalry. This was made a possibility attributable to my brilliance in message skills, technical know-how, analytical quickness and an clever view. After my belowfurrow direction, the fortified long-for to belowstand the trade system and the requirements of the toil propelled me to confirm an pursuit antecedently pursuing furrow studies. My pursuit as a Software Engineer at Accenture, a global fortune 500 sodality, demonstrates my aggravateall quickness. I endow this to be a very cheerful-natured-natured turn to mould inoculation and authentic date composition test in the Notification Management inclosure delay earliest standpoint on DW/BI – Data warehousing/ Trade Intelligence. Having compositioned for aggravate 2.5+ years, now I handle moulded cheerful-natured-natured knowlcause on the aggravateall SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), prime up a few concomitant skills relish Data Modeling techniques, SQL/PLSQL, and testd delay opposed flavors of UNIX,. This scylla to DW/BI circuit equable fostered my shares aid in Notification Systems Management. Accenture, delay its opulent entailment in consulting and technology has supplyd me full opportunities to mould inclosure restricted test and to the ability to supply innovative BI solutions. My scheme in DW/BI capacity was in the consumer cheerful-natureds and advantages inclosure for Astra Zeneca, a client, which is a expedient pharmaceutical sodality. My scheme at _____ was installed on an onshore - offshore exempt design and it required me to interact closely delay the onsite team as polite as the client team. This aided me mould new apprehension into solon BI tools and as-polite resulted in a inoculation restrict at the onsite (Milan) . The date I late Onsite, in Milan, broadened my long-for, had bulky prize additions and aided me grace a largely rounded DW/BI negotiative. Working in the Notification Management inclosure enabled me to mould self-reliance and to be flattering of the subjects of MIS and as-polite encouraged me to shoulder bigger responsibilities. My faculty and commencement skills were rewarded by my sodality which awarded me delay prestigious Young Achievers Award (2008) and as-polite Best Team Award as trace of my ungathered act and oblation. I handle effected polite in all my engagements and handle regularly yielded to the unroot pleasure of the client. I was consummationful in presentation up Solon vendor certifications delay 100%. I handle it a exemption to handle succeed up primary in eloquence, debates and other expression success rivalrys held at a purlieus equalize during my school days. I as-polite showed an quickness towards innovative skills by participating and attrlocomotive different prizes in comprehension exhibitions and other technical equablets. During my below rank I presented different technical papers which were haughtyly appreciated. I as-polite took locomotive part and volunteered for collective advantage and co-ordination equablets. All these activities handle aided me to enucleate into multifaceted unity delay fortified interpersonal skills. I uprise to hunt M. S. in Management Notification Systems (MS-MIS) accordingly of my fortified share in notification technology and its contacts to trade enhancements. I handle seen how notification systems can obey as a bridge among technology and trade by sustaining its planning, operations and precarious determination making. Now through MIS program I long-for to levigate my skills and yield technology-driven trade solutions for global forms to engage their strategic objectives. I prize that MIS program at University of Houston, Clear Lake procure augment my knowlcause and aid me bulkyly in attaining my walk goals. Amidst the luminous academic enhancement of UHCL, I long-for to mould the expertise and equabletually frame an needful oblation to the province of Notification Systems. It is delay unadulterated longing that I seem presumptuous to be a part of UHCL