Posted: January 26th, 2023

Throughout paper. 1 single page each answer 2 of those questions

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Throughout paper. 1 single page each answer 2 of those questions
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2. Immigration policy has occupied a central position in our political discourse for many years.  To what extent does the racial threat hypothesis help us understand the current immigration debate?

3. According to Piven and Cloward, minority social movements such as rebellions and revolts are rare in the United States. How does social construction of minorities and reification of that idea make revolutions difficult? Under what circumstances are they able to effectively agitate for their rights?

4. In the article Between Colonizer and Colonized Aimee Cesaire discusses the “thingification” of the colonized.  Has the world view of the colonizer changed vis-à-vis the colonized world? Do you believe that history affects the process of acculturation of new immigrants? Why or why not?

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