Project Proposal for Ministry of Trade Web Portal

COMPUTER SCIENCE DEPARTMENT PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR MINISTRY OF TRADE WEB PORTAL PRESENTED BY: RAHAB WAMBUI KIARIE REG NO: SP13/20526/08 COURSE CODE: COMP 402 PRESENTED TO: MR. OMWOYO SUBMISSION TIME: OCTOBER 2011 A resolve tender submitted in favoring fulfillment of the order of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science of Egerton University. Tconducive of Contents ABSTRACT3 CHAPTER ONE: 1. 0 INTRODUCTION4 1. 1 PROBLEM STATEMENT4 1. 2 OBJECTIVES5 CHAPTER TWO: 2. 0 LITERATURE REVIEW5 2. SCOPE OF THE SYSTEM6 STARNDARD REQUIREMENT6 3. 0 SYSTEM REQUIREMENT6 3. 1) HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS6 3. 1. 1) APPLICATION PROGRAM6 3. 1. 2 Operating System6 CHAPTER FOUR: 4. 0 DEVELOPMENT PROCESS7 4. 1 PROJECT SCHEDULE AND BUDJET8 4. 1. 1 PROJECT SCHEDULE8 4. 1. 2 PROJECT BUDGET9 4. 1. 3 REFERENCES10 ? ABSTRACT As envisaged in Kenya’s confidence 2030, occupation earn be one of the key sectors to incite economic harvest of our province. The sector is the integrate between decrement and product among the dispensation and contributes towards the avocation and riches figment. There are awful germinatives for occupation to play a mediate role in driving and supported enlargement and indigence abatement in Kenya. The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), cuts despite all sectors of the Kenyan dispensation but countenance manifold harvest challenges relish balancereliance on husbandry which amplely depends on unpredictconducive sphere, underharvest of Information, Communication and Technology and stagnation of dispense advice of national property twain nationally and interpolitically. This resolve earn yield a discerption to investors and MSMEs by providing advice on the manifold boarding opportunities availconducive in Kenya secretly from husbandry, comprehend environing the manifold occupation policies to elude wrongful occupation and to-boot yield a platform where national companies can upload their posse profiles and the council promotes their products at occupation fairs at an interpolitical roll. CHAPTER ONE: 1. 0 INTRODUCTION The Council of Trade’s present order is: Occupation harvest policy; Harvest of micro and feeble office; Fair occupation practices and consumer protection; Private sector harvest and interpolitical occupation affairs. The council earn combatant the encouragement of twain domiciliary and extraneous occupation through figment of an enabling office and boarding environment as violentlighted in this resolve tender. The resolve of this tender is to expound in specialty the aim of the resolve, the methods used in the implementation of the rule, intention of the rule and budget and spell list for the implementation of the resolve. It begins after a while the induction which introduces the rule to be familiar. The instant divorce is the substance proposition, the study resurvey, the intention of the rule and the requirements for the rule. In the intention of the rule we keep the rule functionalities and its limitations. Since the rule is to be familiar among a located spell bring-environing and budget toil, it is dictatorial that the tender to-boot contains the budget and spell list. This expounds the spell list for the rule and to-boot the budget for the rule. . 1 PROBLEM STATEMENT Kenya occupation toil countenances a enumerate of challenges: vague office regulatory bring-aboutfruit induced to multiple licensing and oppressive or cumbersome regulations for SMEs which in change transfers to violent require of office transactions; Stagnation of pregnant occupation advice on the true and emerging dispenses to investors and SMEs. Stagnation of gauge office managerial skills and snare to interpolitical best office practices has hampered the enlargement of the MSE sector. To subdue the substance a rule needs to be familiar after a while the springboard external of providing Kenyans after a while a mediateized subsidence where they can get occupation advice and thus transfer to economic enlargement and event of confidence 2030. 1. 2 OBJECTIVES 1. To enample a fortunate Council of Occupation web entrance 2. To touchstone conditions for fortunate implementation of a new improved rule. 3. To repair way of occupation advice to Kenyans. CHAPTER TWO: 2. 0 LITERATURE REVIEW Having firm advice on the council of occupation I was conducive to specify the ocean drawbacks associated after a while the services of the toil. Advice sharing between the council and the office tribe is not lenient. Enormous opportunities depend in the domiciliary, regional and interpolitical dispenses. These opportunities should be easily exploited through the ruleatic encouragement of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and providing advice to them. It is critical to melody that as occupation graces frank and global, technological innovations earn grace increasingly momentous, subsidy consumers past and past options at cheaper prices in the province and all balance the world. After a while this rule in settle all the requests for occupation advice, earn be availconducive to recipients at any loving spell. Therefore germinative users’ are:- oInvestors twain national and interpolitical. oConsumers. oOther ministries in the government that fruit closely after a while council of occupation. oOwners of feeble and medium dimensiond officees. 2. SCOPE OF THE SYSTEM The web entrance earn aid in the availing all the specialtys of the occupation toil. It earn, as its spectry suggests, be settle where the council can interact after a while the unconcealed open on matters pertaining its code of influence. There are separate issues environing the rule’s intention. STARNDARD REQUIREMENT The requirements conceive the following: 1. Computers 3. 0 SYSTEM REQUIREMENT 3. 1) Hardware requirements ?Processor – Pentium IV after a while 2. 0 GHz or violenter ?Memory – 1GB of RAM or past ?Hard Disk dimension - 320 GB for sum, 20 GB for client 3. 1. ) Application program Programming: PHP and JavaScript, Database artfulness: MySQL, Interface: Macromedia Dream weaver, Macromedia fireworks, Macromedia Flash, Web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer, Web server: Apache, System: Linux and Windows. 3. 1. 2 Operating Rule ?Windows XP (32-bit), Vista(32 – 64-bit), or Windows 7 (32 – 64-bit) ? Linux CHAPTER FOUR: 4. 0 DEVELOPMENT PROCESS The program harvest rule earn include a enumerate of steps as shown in the course diagram underneath: 4. 1 PROJECT SCHEDULE AND BUDJET 4. 1. 1 Resolve list Ministry of Occupation web entrance is a ample resolve that can be complaisant in a time of six months which equates to two semesters. The primal loading of the rule after a while grounds takes settle at the commissioning of the rule. A entire list is as underneath. Period/TimeActivityDescription November 2011 Acquisition of use¬ful Resources. This includes collecting the profitable basis from the council of Occupation November 2011Databases Artfulness Building indivisible groundsbases, tables and indivisible proceedings sets and loading after a while specimen touchstone grounds. December 2011 o January 2012Defining Proceedings setsInvolves defining relations of grounds among manifold groundsbases and instrument of waying them February 2012Creating a Graphi¬cal User InterfaceInvolves creating user inter¬countenance that users of the rule earn use to inquiry for advice March 2012TestingInvolves touchstoneing the rule after a while specimen grounds and correcting any anomalies distinctly in the groundsbase artfulness if any. April 2012Loading DatabasesInvolves defecation groundsbases after a while touchstone grounds and loading after a while explicit grounds. May 2012Commissioning the Rule This includes deployment of the rule, suming it so that it can be wayed by anybody. Tconducive 1) Resolve list 4. 1. 2 PROJECT BUDGET PARTICULARSQUANTITYUNIT PRICE (Kshs)TOTAL COST(Kshs) 1Transport 5000 2Storage devices smoulder incite, CDs2 GB Smoulder Incite 2 Compact Disks 1,000 252,000 50 3Printing expenses1000 4Stationery2 A4 Books 2 pens 100 25200 50 5Computer Machine and softwareAvailconducive but poor 6Internet requires 2000 7Airtime6000 TOTALKshs 16,300 Tconducive 2) resolve budget 4. 1. 3 REFERENCES ?Ministry of Occupation Strategic Plan 2008-2012. ?Hawryszkiewycz, I. (1998), Induction to Rule Analysis and Design, Prentice Hall, Australia.