UC The Sharing of Computing Resources Such as Data Storage Essay

Description Submit a Word document that addresses each of the following: Chapter 3 Define and describe PaaS. List the benefits of PaaS solutions. Describe potential disadvantages of PaaS. Describe how a cloud-based database management system differs from an on-site database. List the computing resources normally provided with a PaaS. Chapter 4 Define and describe IaaS. […]

UC Series of Recognized Styles that Focus on Enhancing Contract Making Essay

Description Write a 3-page Journal Article Review of a scholarly peer-reviewed journal article that describes Negotiation Strategy and how it should be used effectively in negotiations.  DEFINITION: a brief definition of Negotiation Strategy followed by the APA reference for the term; this does not count in the word requirement. SUMMARY: Summarize the article in your […]

CU Relationship of Cultural Values Intelligence & Negotiation Styles Analysis

Description Each student will select one of the key terms listed below and conduct a search of Campbellsville University’s online Library resources to find 1 recent peer reviewed article (within the past 3 years) that closely relate to the concept. Your submission must include the following information in the following format: Key Terms: Styles of […]

UC Type of Container One Uses for Particular Purposes Like Shipping Discussion

Question Description Can you help me understand this Computer Science question? Task1: The value and physical nature of the contents should dictate the type of container and degree of protection. Types of containers include fire-resistant safes, burglary-resistant chests, safes for eDP media, and insulated filing cabinets. How can one determine which is the best container […]

NECBF Role Technologies Play in Global Computing and Big Data Discussion

Question Description I’m studying for my Computer Science class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study? The rising importance of big-data computing stems from advances in many different technologies.  Some of these include: Sensors Computer networks Data storage Cluster computer systems Cloud computing facilities Data analysis algorithms How does these […]

Campbellsville University Information Technology in Global Economy Course Reflections

Description This discussion topic is to be reflective and will be using your own words and not a compilation of direct citations from other papers or sources. You can use citations in your posts, but this discussion exercise should be about what you have learned through your viewpoint and not a re-hash of any particular […]

University of the Cumberlands Blockchain Development Discussion

Description week-5 https://s3.amazonaws.com/blackboard.learn.xythos.p… week -6https://s3.amazonaws.com/blackboard.learn.xythos.p… In chapter 6, the author describes basic components of a business network. Create a new thread, choose one of the types of participants discussed in chapter 6, and explain how you think the chosen participant type could effectively use assets in an enterprise blockchain environment to impact the organization’s outcomes. […]