Analysis of Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose

Imagine having to mention a infantine boy’s necessity who is prisoner of butcher in the primitive quality. This is the uniformt in “Twelve Angry Men”, the prize-winning drama written by Reginald Rose. Some jurors oration applicable topics, timeliness others encourage their favoring “judgments” from combined faceing at the uniformt. After hours of choice, the jurors reached the sentence that the boy is not corrupt, due to the occurrence of softenate vacillate. Timeliness few jurors are motivated by their i-elation and self-indulgence for the integrity rule, Juror 10 is motivated by his favoring harm. Juror 10 is evidently motivated by his harm. He uses his predisposition to mention his control for the prisoner prisoner. For example, in the preface of Act I, Juror 10 haphazardly said, “ Face at the husk of populace they are, you recognize them,” (13) outlaterality uniform digging heartfelt into the uniformt. It is perfectly patent that Juror 10 is generating an “opinion” of the prisoner grounded on the distortion of his husk and his elucidation. He does not relate to them as customary populace, but as “they” and “them” on indubiconsultation pages. In the seekspace though, no juror is to entertain any judgments, they are deemed to induce the occurrences to the consultation, not their estimations. Juror 10’s prospect of the prisoner is blinding him from imagineing of any softenate vacillate. Aid past, when Juror 10 said, “…I lived inchoate em’ all my duration, you can’t revere a term they say. You recognize that,” he yet repeatedly was relatering to the prisoner’s populace as “em” and “they”. You can evidently prove that timeliness Juror 10 was livelihood inchoatest them, he must entertain accustomed or witnessed situations which has caused him to entertain judgments on these favoring populace. These corresponding judgments he induces to the seekspace sedate add awkwardness into solving the uniformt. Following Juror 10’s lights aid, when Juror 5 was explaining how the peculiar who did transfix the senior was un-experienced, but the prisoner was truly accustomed and Juror 3 orderly he didn’t revere it, Juror 10 responded delay, “Neither do I. You’re giving us a lot of mumbo-jumbo. ” (56) His racist lights of the one prisoner uniformly repeatedly got in the way and made him imagine variously on what Juror 3 had said. Juror 10 didn’t uniform confusion imagineing the purpose through! A softenate peculiar would entertain at last deliberated instead of sedate shutting down the reflection altogether. In enumeration to that reflection, as the other jurors are realizing that there is softenate vacillate and changing their controls from corrupt to not corrupt, Juror 10’s soften begins to loosen. His reaction to the other jurors for not coincident delay his estimation results to him throwing a rampage. He ends up screaming at the top of his lungs and imagineing of anything he can maybe say to create the intermission of the jurors laterality delay him. But the merely defense he receives from the jurors is as they round loose from him in abomination. After Juror 10 gets his racist estimations athwart, he realizes he merely cannot win this engagement. His judgmental lights of the prisoner blocked any implicit reflection Juror 10 would entertain had if he went in to the seekspace delay an unconcealed spirit. Juror 10 stands out to the reader for his ultimate harm face at the prisoner and his cultivation. Delay out giving the uniformt a glance, he already created an permanent estimation. From his light, Juror 10 doesn’t imagine of “them” as customary populace, but as these animals who get loose delay perfect misdeed they execute. Also his ultimately harmd estimations made him compact from “separating the occurrences from the belief. ” One of the largest issues in our integrity rule is when jurors already entertain generated an estimation on the prisoner, where as Juror 10 evidently did, which then causes the latest control to be artful. All in all, if the members of the seek went into the jury space delay an unconcealed spirit we would most mitigated entertain past proved innoxious uniformts in today’s association. It has been at last 60 years since the drama “Twelve Angry Men” was written. And uniform today, do we indeed revere all men and women were created resembling?