Posted: January 26th, 2023

346 AAssignmentsPacific Island Adaptation


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346 AAssignmentsPacific Island Adaptation
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This assignment is comprised of watching two videos about climate adaptation in the Pacific Island Nations. These videos provide different perspectives on the issues surrounding climate change, the first is about a government led initiative and the second is produced by an independent journalist. The second video is also produced 5 years after the first, and 7 years after the official climate change adaptation program was established. 

Part A. Watch the evideo: Adapting to Climate Change in the Smaller Pacific Island States.” produced by Larry Thomas, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (Organization), 2013. Alexander Street, be sure to watch both parts 1 and 2 (43 minutes total).


Answer the following questions: (If a question is worth 5 points rather than one or two, you should provide more detailed information.)

  1. (4 pts) What are the adaptation efforts in Pacific Island Nations focusing on? Name at least 4 different concerns for the nations of Kiribas, Micronesia and Tuvalu. Which of these concerns are the most critical to address now? Why?
  2. (3 pts) What actions are being taken to address the climate-related health concerns on the Cook Islands? How does their climate health adaptation plan work? What are the co-benefits?
  3. (1 pts) What kinds of approaches are taken to raise awareness about climate change, and to spur community action?

 Part B. Watch a second documentary video produced years later on Kiribati “A Drowning Paradise” from 2017, available at this link: 


4. (2 pts) How have conditions changed in Kiribati in the 5 years after the Pacific Island Adaptation program began and the (UW evideo) official adaptation program documentary was produced?

5. (3 pts) What are the challenges they face now? What are people doing to address these problems? How do solutions and problems differ on different atolls?

6. (2 pts) What are specific human rights issues related to the problems faced by people in Kiribati?

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