Posted: November 22nd, 2022

A Comprehensive Early Literacy Experience

A Comprehensive Early Literacy Experience

This Assignment will provide you with the opportunity to reflect on the concepts and strategies you have learned as you consider the important components of a balanced approach to reading instruction.

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A Comprehensive Early Literacy Experience
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As you will recall, you were introduced to the concept of a comprehensive literacy program back in Unit 1 when you considered the benefits of blending both meaning-based and skills-based approaches to literacy instruction. You continued to explore various components of an effective literacy program including the integration of speaking, reading and writing components. You can appreciate the importance of assessment in guiding your planning for students and in each unit. You were also exposed to some strategies for supporting special needs students and English language learners. Now is your opportunity to reflect upon all of these topics as you prepare a final paper for the course.

Read the Assignment directions document below and use the Unit 9 Assignment template located in Doc Sharing. Make sure to delete the directions on the template (in red) as you type your paper. You may want to print a copy of the directions to refer to as you complete this Assignment. Click here for guidelines for this Assignment.

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