Posted: November 8th, 2022

A & P II #3

A patient with type B blood is inadvertently transfused with type AB blood. Explain the specific interactions, if any, that will occur between the donor’s and recipient’s blood. You must describe what antigens and antibodies agglutinate to answer this question correctly.Summary – Analysis Question 3


Answer the Bonus Analysis Questions in your own words. 

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A & P II #3
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Do Not use Wikipedia as a reference since this is not referred and therefore unreliable. 

Failure to adhere to the guidelines below will affect your grade for the question.

-Be sure that you do your own work – no collaboration is allowed.

– Do not cut and paste answers.

-Do not use direct quotations.

– You must cite a reference to receive full credit.

– For an online source, send a link that would allow me to search your reference. The link need to be the specific website used. For example,, not only .

– For a book reference, include the title, author, edition, and page number.

– Length of answer is not as important as directly and completely answering the question. However, one or two sentences will not provide enough information for a complete response.

– If you do not receive full credit an explanation will be left in the message box.

– 0% means no points were awarded for your response.

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