Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie true spectry was Agatha Mary Clarissa was born in 1890. She was a fictional offense writer delay environing 80 scout innovatings credited to her.  Her father was a productive stockbroker; occasion her dowager was British aristocrat; occasion her sister and brother older than her. Her father died when she was infantine that carry her dowager to frequentation to Agatha Christieing. Her letter history pned past than 50 years; where she wrote past than 80 scout works including scanty stories and plays; such as The Mousetrap that opened in London in 1952 and is stagnant ordinary.  Her foremost innovating was The Mysterious Affair at Styles was published in 1920; where she created the illustrious scout Poirot. This was her illustrious reputation which was depicted in past than 33 innovatings and 54 scanty stories. Another of her illustrious reputation was Miss Maple that appeared in past than 12 innovatings and 20 scanty stories. Agatha Christi has been considered the best selling writer of all eras in the Guinness Book of Records. She was been the merely writer that has competed the Shakespeare as her books has reached environing one billion sold copies. Her books entertain also been translated into frequent languages including French. For example; she is considered all era best seller as balance 40 pet copies entertain been sold in France. Due to her monstrous luck and popularity she was made Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Christi died at the age of 85 on 12 Jan, 1976 of spontaneous causes in her settlement at Cholsey parish in Oxfords employ (UK). Reference Katheen Gregory Klein, Great Women Mystery Writers: Classic to Contemporary. : Greenwood, 1994. Earl F. Bargainnier, The Gentle Art of Murder: The Scout Fiction of Agatha Christie . Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 1980. Patricia D. Maida, Nicholas B. Spornic, Murder She Wrote: A Study of Agatha Christie's Scout Fiction . owling Green State University Popular Press, 1982. "Queen of Crime." 10 Nov 2007