Posted: November 25th, 2022

ASI assignment

Minimum length: 3-5 pages

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ASI assignment
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Maximum length: 10 pages

This might require some discussion with the members of your family or people from your home community. 

Describe your city or suburb

A. In the first part of the essay describe the city or the suburb you live in (your home community) applying the features or characteristics from the readings and the videos.  Make sure to cover all the below points.

a. Is your home community considered a city (big or small) or a suburb? Use the descriptions and features of cities and suburbs outlined in the class to elaborate. Describe the major features of the way of life of your home community. 

b. Describe how your home community started and evolved (If you live in a suburb focus on the city your suburb is connected to)

 i.  How did the city develop? What factors led to its creation and growth? Did it change over time and experience cycles of growth and decline? Did your neighborhood or community change as a result of those changes? 

B. In the second part, describe how you and/or your family came to where you live. 

a. What are the reasons why your parents chose to live in that community? 

b. Do you plan to continue to live there? Why or why not? 


video may help:

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