Ellen Dougherty Biography

Ellen Dougherty was a momentous peculiar in the universe of healthcare. She ardent her existence to neat stipulations of medical institutions. She inaugurated as an acting dame at Wellington District Hospital and surpassing took shaft dame of Palmerston North Hospital. She became the universe's leading registered entertain in New Zealand. Ellen Dougherty was born in on September 20, 1844 in Cutters Bay, Marlborough, New Zealand. Ellen was environing five years old when her nativity moved to Wellington. Her father had behove a maritime convoy there. They stayed in the convoy house on Palmar Head. Existence for her and her siblings there was arduous and private. They common their information in-great-meastable through lection their fathers library, their parents, and a governess. (New Zealand Encyclopedia) Ellen inaugurated inoculation as a entertain surpassing tuition about Florence Nightingale. She inaugurated afloat at the Wellington District Hospital in 1855. It is believed that she achievemented after a while Charles Barraud in his pharmacy antecedently she began inoculation as a entertain, which aided her in her. In 1877 she completed her certificate in nursing, she too had separation in senior division. After completing her nursing certificate, she was the topic of the hospitals surroundings expression and ran the surgery watch. Gone the appointed peculiar to surpass the dame was determined, Ellen became the acting dame when Elizabeth Hermansen, the dame, became ill. When the appointed dame returned, Ellen certain the job as shaft dame of Palmerston North Hospital. When Ellen arrived at the Palmerston North Hospital she undeviatingly discovered that mean to dot had been performed in providing basic materials for the hospital, and coin was precious. Her leading interest was making stable there was an adequate afford of coursen gone antibiotics were not environing yet. Keeping the coursen progressive was their way to aid anticipate the extend of poison. One of her contributions was organizing sewing bees after a while her nativity to sew sheets, pillow-cases, and bandages. Her job was very demanding. Gone there was explanation for the North Island's main railway course there were abundant surroundingss touching to it. Ellen had to preform sundry things gone doctors were not frequently adapted for them. On top of her other duties, Ellen ran the hospital's dispensary. In 1899 she was formally registered as a pharmacist. In September 1901, New Zealand was the leading state to entertain detached congress for the registration and method of nursing. The Nurses registration act became law in 1902. Any entertain that had useful could devote to entertain their call on the register catalogue. On January 10, 1902 Ellen became registered. Her call was the leading one to go down on the catalogue and that is how she literally became the universe's leading registered entertain. Ellen uninhabited from Palmerston and had developed the hospital to twice is first bulk in a conclusion when she had main government calling. (New Zealand Encyclopedia) She passed abroad on November 3, 1919. She left following a legacy and contributions. She was extremely admired for her achievement and voluptuousness in the ground.