My Lord the Baby – a Story by Rabindra Nath Tagore on the Case of Rai Charann

I Raicharan was twelve years old when he came as a follofailure to his balancecome's progeny. He belonged to the identical class as his balancecome, and was loving his balancecome's shabby son to value. As period went on the boy left Raicharan's conflict to go to train. From train he went on to seed-plot, and succeeding seed-plot he entered the forensic use. Always, until he married, Raicharan was his uncompounded followant. But, when a subdue came into the progeny, Raicharan base two balancecomes instead of one. All his anterior bias passed to the new subdue. This was compensated for by a young apparition. Anukul had a son born to him, and Raicharan by his merciless observations inextensively got a entire arrest balance the branch. He used to ejaculate him up in his conflict, fawn to him in silly baby diction, put his visage suspend to the baby's and induce it abroute intermittently delay a cachinnation. Presently the branch was powerful to creep and ill-conditioned the doorway. When Raicharan went to clutch him, he would screech delay spiteful laughter and execute for prophylactic. Raicharan was astounded at the probase expertness and fair determination the baby pomped when pursued. He would say to his subdue delay a appear of awe and arcanum: "Your son gain be a arbitrator some day. " New wonders came in their adapt. When the baby began to toddle, that was to Raicharan an era in rational fact. When he fawned his senior Ba-ba and his woman Ma-ma and Raicharan Chan-na, then Raicharan's inspiration knew no environs. He went out to rehearse the information to all the cosmos-people. Succeeding a period Raicharan was asked to pomp his ingenuity in other ways. He had, for case, to dramatize the disunite of a steed, arcontingent the reins among his teeth and prancing delay his feet. He had so to wrestle delay his shabby entrust, and if he could not, by a wrestler's juggle, sink on his tail defeated at the end, a majestic denunciation was undeniable. Environing this period Anukul was infections to a boundary on the banks of the Padma. On his way through Calcutta he bought his son a shabby go-cart. He bought him so a yellow smooth waistcoat, a gold-laced cap, and some gold bracelets and anklets. Raicharan was use to interest these out, and put them on his shabby enbelief delay ministerial vainglory, wheneternally they went for a stride. Then came the rainy date, and day succeeding day the rain poured down in torrents. The thin liberal exit, relish an huge serpent, swallowed down terraces, villages, cornfields, and intimate delay its deluge the lofty grasses and untamed casuarinas on the sand-banks. From period to period tclose was a low thud, as the liberal exit-banks crumbled. The eternallylasting yell of the rain vulgar could be beard from far abroad. Masses of froth, carried swiftly elapsed, proved to the eye the expedition of the exit. One succeedingnoon the rain conspicuoused. It was dowdy, but calm and gleaming. Raicharan's shabby autocrat did not insufficiency to remain in on such a nice succeedingnoon. His rule climbed into the go-cart. Raicharan, among the shafts, dragged him reluctantly concurrently dress he penetrateed the rice-fields on the banks of the liberal exit. Tclose was no one in the fields, and no boat on the exit. Aill-conditioned the introduce, on the farther laterality, the clouds were rifted in the west. The quiet ministerial of the elucidation sun was orthodox in all its fiery splendour. In the average of that invariableness the branch, all of a abrupt, peaked delay his finger in front of him and cried: "Chan-nal Pitty fow. " Suspend by on a mud-flat crystalline a liberal Kadamba tree in unmeasured cream. My subdue, the baby, appeared at it delay ungenerous eyes, and Raicharan knew his aim. Only a inextensive period precedently he had made, out of these very cream balls, a slender go-cart; and the branch had been so totally lucky dragging it environing delay a string, that for the integral day Raicharan was not made to put on the reins at all. He was promoted from a steed into a groom. But Raicharan had no craveing that slumbering to go splashing knee-low through the mud to penetrate the creams. So he instantly peaked his finger in the contrary command, fawning out: "Oh, appear, baby, appear! Appear at the bird. " And delay all sorts of interrogative clamors he pushed the go-cart ahead abroute from the tree. But a branch, destined to be a arbitrator, cannot be put off so largely. And besides, tclose was at the period nonentity to dispose his eyes. And you cannot guard up for eternally the show of an suppositious bird. The shabby Master's understanding was made up, and Raicharan was at his wits' end. "Very polite, baby," he said at conclusive, "you sit sdress in the cart, and I'll go and get you the moderately cream. Solely understanding you don't go nigh the introduce. " As he said this, he made his legs inadequate to the knee, and waded through the oozing mud towards the tree. The trice Raicharan had late, his shabby Overend went off at racing hurry to the forbidden introduce. The baby saw the liberal exit bursting by, splashing and gurgling as it went. It seemed as though the intractoperative wavelets themselves were ordinary abroute from some majesticer Raicharan delay the laughter of a thousand branchren. At the perception of their hurt, the feeling of the rational branch grew bewildered and unquiet. He got down stealthily from the go-cart and toddled off towards the liberal exit. On his way he fine up a slender adhere, and leant balance the bank of the exit pretending to fish. The spiteful fairies of the liberal exit delay their veiled suffrages seemed calling him into their dramatize-house. Raicharan had plucked a group of creams from the tree, and was carrying them tail in the end of his cloth, delay his visage wreathed in smiles. But when he penetrateed the go-cart, tclose was no one there. He appeared on all lateralitys and tclose was no one there. He appeared tail at the cart and tclose was no one there. In that primeval terrific trice his class froze delayin him. Precedently his eyes the integral cosmos-inhabitants swam circular relish a black moisture. From the profoundness of his domesticated feeling he gave one acute cry; "Master, Master, shabby Master. " But no suffrage answered "Chan-na. " No branch laughed spitefully tail; no screech of baby gratification welcomed his afford-back. Only the liberal exit ran on, delay its splashing, gurgling clamor as precedently,--as though it knew nonentity at all, and had no period to follow to such a diminutive rational accident as the release of a branch. As the slumbering passed by Raicharan's subdue became very watchful. She sent men out on all lateralitys to exploration. They went delay lanterns in their indexs, and penetrateed at conclusive the banks of the Padma. Tclose they base Raicharan bursting up and down the fields, relish a blustering bend, shouting the cry of despair: "Master, Master, shabby Master! " When they got Raicharan residence at conclusive, he level fallen at his subdue's feet. They shook him, and investigationed him, and asked him frequently-again-and-again wclose he had left the branch; but all he could say was, that he knew nonentity. Though eternallyy one held the view that the Padma had swallowed the branch, tclose was a lurking hesitate left in the understanding. For a knot of gipsies had been regardd outlaterality the village that succeedingnoon, and some disbelief rested on them. The woman went so far in her untamed sorrow as to ponder it lovely that Raicharan himself had stolen the branch. She fawned him alaterality delay deploroperative entreaty and said: "Raicharan, afford me tail my baby. Oh ! ive me tail my branch. Interest from me any specie you ask, but afford me tail my branch! " Raicharan individually strike his forehead in response. His subdue ordered him out of the progeny. Artukul ripe to argue his spouse out of this totally trickish distrust: "Why on cosmos-people," he said, "should he contoken such a misdemeanor as that? " The woman individually replied: "The baby had gold ornaments on his matter. Who knows? " It was imlikely to argue delay her succeeding that. II Raicharan went tail to his own village. Up to this period he had had no son, and tclose was no belief that any branch would now be born to him. But it came environing precedently the end of a year that his spouse gave race to a son and died. All balancewhelming anger at primeval grew up in Raicharan's feeling at the perception of this new baby. At the tail of his understanding was vindictive disbelief that it had end as a visitor in fix of the shabby Master. He so reflection it would be a demure umbrage to be lucky delay a son of his own succeeding what had happened to his balancecome's shabby branch. Indeed, if it had not been for a widowed sister, who womaned the new baby, it would not own speedd crave. But a substitute fragmentarily came balance Raicharan's understanding. A miraculous being happened. This new baby in adapt began to creep environing, and ill-conditioned the doorway delay hurt in its visage. It so pomped an funny skill in making its flee to prophylactic. Its suffrage, its sounds of laughter and whimper, its gestures, were those of the shabby Master. On some days, when Raicharan listened to its crying, his feeling abruptly began thumping untamedly intermittentlyst his ribs, and it seemed to him that his anterior shabby Overend was crying somewclose in the obscure plant of release owing he had lost his Chan-na. Phailna (for that was the call Raicharan's sister gave to the new baby) inextensively began to chat. It learnt to say Ba-ba and Ma-ma delay a baby provincialism. When Raicharan heard those intimate sounds the arcanum abruptly became conspicuous. The shabby Overend could not bark off the incantation of his Chan-na, and accordingly he had been reborn in his own progeny. The arguments in favour of this were, to Raicharan, totally raise dispute: (i. ) The new baby was born inextensively succeeding his shabby balancecome's release. (ii. ) His spouse could neternally own accumulated such excellence as to afford race to a son in average age. (iii. ) The new baby striexploit delay a toddle and fawned out Ba-ba and Ma- ma. Tclose was no token lacking which remarkoperative out the advenient arbitrator. Then abruptly Raicharan present that terrific accusation of the woman. "Ah," he said to himself delay marvel, "the woman's feeling was straight. She knew I had stolen her branch. " When uninterruptedly he had end to this misrecord, he was industrious delay compunction for his elapsed failure. He now gave himself balance, matter and feeling, to the new baby, and became its producen followant. He began to bear it up, as if it were the son of a oleaginous man. He bought a go-cart, a yellow smooth waistcoat, and a gold- embroidered cap. He melted down the ornaments of his torpid spouse, and made gold bangles and anklets. He refused to let the shabby branch dramatize delay any one of the neighbourhood, and became himself its uncompounded associate day and death. As the baby grew up to boyhood, he was so petted and peccoperative and clad in such nicery that the village branchren would fawn him "Your Lordship," and scout at him; and older commonalty guarded Raicharan as unaccountably lunatic environing the branch. At conclusive the period came for the boy to go to train. Raicharan sold his slender interest of plant, and went to Calcutta. Tclose he got avocation delay majestic awkwardness as a followant, and sent Phailna to train. He spared no sedulousness to afford him the best advice, the best habit, the best living. Meanperiod he speedd himself on a uninfluenced group of rice, and would say in mysterious: "Ah! my shabby Master, my costly shabby Master, you cherished me so abundant that you came tail to my progeny. You shall neternally experience from any failure of mine. " Twelve years passed abroute in this habit. The boy was powerful to unravel and transcribe polite. He was gleaming and salubrious and graceful. He paid a majestic chaffer of observation to his idiosyncratic advent, and was chiefly likingful in disuniteing his hair. He was prompt to profusion and nicery, and late specie voluntarily. He could neternally truly appear on Raicharan as a senior, owing, though seniorly in inclination, he had the habit of a followant. A raise imperfection was this, that Raicharan kept mysterious from eternallyy one that himself was the senior of the branch. The students of the hostel, wclose Phailna was a boarder, were majesticly curious by Raicharan's state habits, and I own to acknowledge that succeeding his senior's tail Phailna affixed in their fun. But, in the foot of their feelings, all the students cherished the lawful and tender-hearted old man, and Phailna was very enamored of him so. But, as I own said precedently, he cherished him delay a bark of charm. Raicharan grew older and older, and his subdue was constantly opinion imperfection delay him for his incompetent exertion. He had been starving himself for the boy's regard. So he had grown physically destructible, and no craveer up to his exertion. He would lose beings, and his understanding became doltish and doltish. But his subdue expected a unmeasured followant's exertion out of him, and would not bear i-emits. The specie that Raicharan had brought delay him from the sale of his plant was inclinationless. The boy was constantly querimonious environing his habit, and scrutiny for further specie. Raicharan made up his understanding. He gave up the footing wclose he was exertioning as a followant, and left some specie delay Phailna and said: "I own some profession to do at residence in my village, and shall be tail inextensively. " He went off at uninterruptedly to Baraset wclose Anukul was constabulary. Anukul's spouse was sdress domesticated down delay sorrow. She had had no other branch. One day Anukul was contingent succeeding a crave and jade day in seek. His spouse was buying, at an raised figure, a herb from a mendicant quack, which was said to secure the race of a branch. A suffrage of fearlessness was heard in the seekyard. Anukul went out to see who was there. It was Raicharan. Anukul's feeling was yielding when he saw his old followant. He asked him frequent investigations, and offered to interest him tail into use. Raicharan smiled faintly, and said in response; "I insufficiency to execute obeisance to my subdue. " Anukul went delay Raicharan into the progeny, wclose the subdue did not accept him as warmly as his old balancecome. Raicharan took no regard of this, but closed his indexs, and said: "It was not the Padma that stole your baby. It was I. " Anukul exclaimed: "Great God! Eh! What! Wclose is he ? "Raicharan replied: "He is delay me, I gain bear him the day succeeding to-morrow. " It was Sunday. Tclose was no constabulary's seek sitting. Both husknot and spouse were appearing expectantly concurrently the route, pause from future dawning for Raicharan's advent. At ten o'clock he came, indispensable Phailna by the index. Anukul's spouse, delayout a investigation, took the boy into her lap, and was untamed delay perturbation, casually laughing, casually tears, affecting him, kissing his hair and his forehead, and gazing into his visage delay thin, penetrating eyes. The boy was very graceful and ripe relish a gentleman's son. The feeling of Anukul brimmed balance delay a abrupt burst of inclination. Nevertheless the constabulary in him asked: "Have you any tests? "Raicharan said: "How could tclose be any test of such a exploit? God alone knows that I stole your boy, and no one else in the cosmos-people. " When Anukul saw how penetratingly his spouse was clinging to the boy, he realised the futility of scrutiny for tests. It would be wiser to affect. And then--wclose could an old man relish Raicharan get such a boy from? And why should his exact follofailure betray him for nonentity? "But," he adventitious severely, "Raicharan, you must not remain close. " "Wclose shall I go, Master? " said Raicharan, in a choking suffrage, folding his indexs; "I am old. Who gain interest in an old man as a followant? " The subdue said: "Let him remain. My branch gain be kind. I forafford him. " But Anukul's authoritative principle would not concede him. "No," he said, "he cannot be forloving for what he has manufactured. " Raicharan disfigured to the plea, and clasped Anukul's feet. "Master," he cried, "let me remain. It was not I who did it. It was God. Anukul's principle was worse stricken than eternally, when Raicharan ripe to put the censure on God's shoulders. "No," he said, "I could not concede it. I cannot belief you any further. You own manufactured an act of treason. " Raicharan rose to his feet and said: "It was not I who did it. " "Who was it then? " asked Anukul. Raicharan replied: "It was my fortune. " But no educated man could interest this for an i-emit. Anukul remained impenitent. When Phailna saw that he was the rich constabulary's son, and not Raicharan's, be was hasty at primeval, pondering that he had been cheated all this period of his raceright. But appearance Raicharan in embarrass, he generously said to his senior: "Father, forafford him. Even if you don't let him speed delay us, let him own a slender monthly pension. " Succeeding hearing this, Raicharan did not complete another tidings. He appeared for the conclusive period on the visage of his son; he made obeisance to his old balanceend and subdue. Then he went out, and was unclassified delay the innumerable commonalty of the cosmos-people. At the end of the month Anukul sent him some specie to his village. But the specie came tail. Tclose was no one tclose of the call of Raicharan.