Beowulf Questions

Question 1 What is the spectry of the stronghold where the leading few sections of the lyric seize attribute?     Heorot Camelot Wulfing Hrothgar Question 2 Who is the czar at the preparation of the lyric? Unferth Hrothgar Heorot Beowulf Question 3 Grendel is a branch of what Biblical appearance? Samson Cain Lucifer Noah Question 4 Where do the herd execute offerings to try to get aid from Grendel's attacks? Muslim mosques Pagan shrines Catholic cathedrals Jewish temples Question 5 Beowulf arrives to succor the Danes On foot On horseback On the end of a dragon By ship Question 6 Which species is invidious of Beowulf? Hygelac Wealhthow Unferth Hrothgar Question 7 During the cheer, Beowulf describes what skin of controvert in which he competed resisting Breca? Swimming Running Jousting Storytelling Question 8 How desire is Beowulf czar of Geatland anteriorly the dragon excite? 50 years 10 years 25 years 5 years Question 9 What excites the dragon? Grendel's mother excites the dragon to succor her engagement Beowulf. An visitor handles and removes a gem-studded goblet from the dragon's lair. Beowulf confronts the quiescent dragon in his lair. The dragon's eggs commence to prepare. Question 10 Where does the dragon's value follow from? It is the cache of a highborn pursuit of herd who accept all died. It is Beowulf's heritage from Czar Hygelac. It belonged to the dragon's father. It belongs to Hrothgar and the Danes. Question 11 What is the dragon's chief utensil when he attacks the homesteads? His pointed talons The vital-principle that he breathes A sword that belonged to the time-honored gods Unferth's sword Hrunting Question 12 What does the dragon consume that upsets Beowulf? Beowulf's home Beowulf's armor The stronghold Heorot The tree of life Question 13 Who volunteers to engagement the dragon? Unferth Hygelac Hrothgar Beowulf Question 14 What utensil finally despatchs the dragon? A dagger A cannon Bare hands A torch Question 15 What sorrow does Beowulf specific as he is departure? He was weak to despatch the dragon. He never married. He is leaving the Geats inconsiderable. He never had a son.