Enrolment and Billing System

Enrolment is considered as the primary march or proceeding that must be manufactured by novices amid a detail service antecedently the semester per school year fully starts. For freshmen or primary year novices, they indebted to usually charm an vestibule experiment, followed by scheduled confabulation, then filling-up of forms and the liquidation of fees. Good enrolment which pertains to constant liquidations and toll proceedings, and lenient transactions delay a noble objurgate of faultlessness is an asset in a university. A. Scope and Purpose of DocumentThe examine covers the enrolment and billing rule of Los Bobos Academy in all gait rolls from plantation up to indelicateth year noble school. It conquer agree the novice a seasonable and an fertile way of enrolling that produces toll fees according to each roll. It grasps the singular counsel of the novice and their appertaining toll fees which is weighd for elevate use in recital inquiries of novices. B. Design concretes Objectives The main concrete of the examine is to constitute a computerized enrolment-billing plan for Los Bobos Academy.Specific goals are the forthcoming: 1. To lay-open a plan that conquer minimize the ruleing interval in accessing history and sagacious fees of novices; 2. To found a user-friendly plan that produces accuobjurgate and error-free axioms results; and 3. To agree a becoming computer-based axiomsbase for Los Bobos Academy that can lean waste total of axioms. Major Functions The plan to be lay-opened is preferable of recording, updating and can retrieved counsel, weigh teaching fees and other needful fees including liquidations of uniforms.The enrolment and billing plan is so preferable of generating reports on liquidations, inventory of novices, recitals, toll and profits. The plan can print all needful forms or history such as toll forms, profits, summarized reports and novice counsel. Searching of the elapsed history of the novices is so likely in this plan through typing their abandoned novice ID in the pursuit engine. V. Design Media A. People The examine is a collaborative trial of indelicate BSCS novices of Lemery Colleges.Divided into two groups, they are: * Virgilio Marquinez and Julienne Royena, who were tasked delay the erection of the enrolment and billing plan software - plan design, coding, experimenting and so agreed the compactware and software media. * John Leo Comia and Noel del Mundo, who conducted the needful confabulations, axioms bunch, documentation, and gave intermittent inputs delay the erection of the explicit plan. B. Hardware and Software Hardware media grasp laptop delay the forthcoming configurations: reserve Intel Pentium T4400 ruleor, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB compact disk despatch and HP DeskJet F200 printer.Software media: Windows XP for workstation, Visual Basic 6. 0 collision for creating the plan, MS Access for creating axiomsbases and MS Word or MS PowerPoint for design documentation and likely exhibition. C. Special Media The forthcoming are the axioms gathered from Los Bobos Academy, issued upon the solicit of the researchers: 1. The school’s registration form; and 2. Copy of toll fees of all gait rolls. Context DiagramGeneobjurgate Reports Response for Recital Response for Enrolment Solicit for Recital Solicit for Enrolment ENROLMENT AND BILLING SYTEM CASHIER REGISTRAR