Biodegradable Plastics from Cassava Starch

EWB-UK Workshop Guide Mould your own Bio-Plastic Description A resultionshop focusing on the examples of pliants made by fossil fuels and a contemplate into making your own bio-plastic. At a scan Total span: 1 hour Tuition Styles: Visual, auditory, useful, participatory, teamproduction Objectives: To glean encircling the challenges facing fossil fuel pliants and how to mould your own bio-pliant Audience: Anyone Max/Min no. of participants: N/A (Dependant on sum of symbolicals) Timetoperative Time| Activity| Equipment| 5 minutes| Welcome | | 15 minutes| Introduction| | 30 minutes| Practical| See symbolical and tools roll| minutes| Closing| Sign-ups for email| Materials Per concoct of bio pliant (Ideally per peculiar): * 100g of potato * 300cm3 of distilled introduce * 25ml of introduce * 3cm3 of hydrochloric afflictive or vinegar * 2ml uncorrupted glycerol * 3cm3 sodium hydroxide * Food colouring Tools * Grater * Pestle & Mortar * Strainer * Beaker/Jars * Measuring cylinder/jug * Weighing flakes * Indicator Disquisition * Light hob Preparation * Prepare equipment, tools and symbolicals * Prepare prefiguration-up sheets for new members Room requirements * An area competent for doing hands on resultion and mixing fluents * Kitchen for origin of warmth. Use light hobs if this isn’t practicoperative Welcome (5 minutes) Introduce yourself: * Your Name * Position/Job/Organisation * Your role in the resultionshop * Relevant knowledge to the resultionshop (University, projects, resultion etc. ) Explain the gleaning objectives of the resultionshop to the conference: The scope of the resultionshop is for participants to glean encircling the examples enclosing pliants made by fossil fuels. This is done in the vestibule grant. Afterwards, participants get to mould their own bio-pliant in a hands-on useful. Participants gain be operative to grasp the pliant home delay them at the end of the resultionshop. Introduction (15 Minutes) A grant on the challenges facing fossil fuel pliants. Pliant is the sordid account used for a difference of synthetic or semi synthetic symbolicals used in manufacturing. Plastics are traditionally made from polymers and normally caused from petroleum results. Plastics keep grace so general to do their friendly features. They are milk-and-water, ready and very uncostly compared to other symbolicals. The example delay pliants is their dependency on petroleum, i. e. oil. Currently encircling 8% of the world’s oil is used to mould pliants. This is compared to 4% for raw symbolicals and 4% for vital-force. The other main example is waste; currently encircling 35% of disorder is a pliant installed result. Bio pliant currently offers one disintegration to the example. Bio pliant is formed from renewoperative biomass origins such as vegetoperative oil or corn lugubriousness. Love prevalent pliants; all bio pliants are biodegradoperative fond plenty span. Notwithstanding to-boot love prevalent pliants; some bio pliants grasp so hanker to relegate they are considered non-biodegradable. A suggestive number of bio pliants gain singly biorelegate fond very peculiar conditions. Most nation suppose the account bio pliant instrument it gain biodegrade; it in-fact refers to its biomass origin. This brings to the advantages and disadvantages of bio pliants: Advantages: They are made from introduce installed origins so don’t use any fossil fuels. Disadvantages: The mainity of bio pliant manufacturing introduces use oil or fossil fuels to authority them. Currently there is quiescent a scarcity for fossil fuels for a wide flake introduce. When growing instrument for bio pliant it can cause wide flake mono-cropping examples. This can bring to the damnation of areas love the rain wood. The disintegration is to total bio pliant on a weak flake delay biodiversity in belief. The outgrowth should be sustainoperative and the system should renewably authorityed. One manner for doing this is to total bio pliant from sparingly developed potatoes. The chemistry bit: Potato lugubriousness is made from two carbohydrate polymers, amylose and amylopectin. To mould bio pliant the amylopectin scarcitys to be mild down. This way the lugubriousness can be pliantised. For a more technical conference you may appropriate to expand this minority and abide further delay the understanding astern the system. Further balbutiation gain be required notwithstanding. Practical (30 minutes) The tramp by tramp instructions for making the bio-pliant For making bio-pliant greatly obsequious measurements are not required 1. Grate encircling 100g of potato into a pestle & mortar 2. Add 100cm3 distilled introduce to the potato and crush in a pestle and mortar 3. Strain the fluent off, and reproduce adding distilled introduce, crushing and precipitation twice more. 4. Leave to regulate for 5 minutes 5. Strain the introduce off, leaving the lugubriousness astern. 6. Put 25ml introduce into a beaker and add 5g lugubriousness (10g wet) and 3cm3 hydrochloric afflictive (Use vinegar if you can’t get withwithhold of it) and 2ml uncorrupted glycerol. 7. Bring to the bluster for 15 minutes, ensuring it doesn’t bluster dry 8. Using indicator disquisition and sodium hydroxide to neutralise the disintegration (probably encircling 3cm3). 9. Add a few drops of colouring to the combination and mix in. 10. Pour the combination out, and turn into your preferred mould. 11. Leave to dry out and set. Once the combination sets the pliant is finished. The sum of glycerol used affects the slang of the combination. The hither glycerol used the stiffer the pliant gain be. Closing (5 minutes) Final few words: * Announce contiguous issue or consultation * Distribute prefiguration up rolls (If appropriate) * Open the floor to questions