Biology lab 12 test 3 h biology text based multiple choice

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one choice that best completes the proposition or answers the topic.
1) Which of the behindcitedcited propositions environing the Estate Bacteria is TRUE?
A) Bacteria are efficacious to extension their genetic variability by reproducing sexually.
B) Bacteria are multicellular microbes.
C) Chloroplasts are rest in photosynthetic bacteria.
D) Bacteria behind a whiledrawal membrane-bound organelles.
E) Bacterial endospores are weak structures that are amply destroyed.
2) In bacteria, the minute, spherical pieces of DNA that are located beyond the chromosome are designated
A) flagella.
B) bacteriophages.
C) sex pili.
D) plasmids.
E) endospores.
3) The mutations that amend the exercise and swarming of organisms, and thus supply to
the separation of temperament, inaugureprove expeditiously in prokaryotes due to their
A) speedy reproves of cell dissolution.
B) anaerobic metabolism.
C) sexual swarming.
D) cell deference association.
E) scantiness of a central-part.
4) The use of bacteria to fracture down pollutants is referred to as
A) nitrogen-fixation.
B) binary fission.
C) biofixation.
D) bioremediation.
E) biosynthesis.
5) Disease-causing bacteria are designated
A) Archaea.
B) cyanobacteria.
C) pathogens.
D) protozoa.
E) viroids.
6) Which Protist causes a sexually catching disorder?
A) Trichomonas
B) Trypanosoma
C) Giardia
D) Plasmodium
E) Pfiesteria
7) Which of the behindcitedcited is FALSE?
A) Viruses are minuteer than bacteria.
B) Viruses are not prop organisms.
C) Antibiotics cannot neutralize or negotiate viral disorders.
D) The genetic representative of poisones is not contained in a central-part.
E) Viruses are classified in the estate Archaea.
8) A poison basically consists of
A) RNA or DNA and a membrane.
B) enzymes and a protein delude.
C) RNA or DNA and enzymes.
D) RNA or DNA and a protein delude.
E) proteins and a cell membrane.
9) Viroids
A) onset bacteria.
B) are transferred pieces of DNA enclosed in a protein delude.
C) are transferred chains of amino acids.
D) are transferred pieces of RNA.
E) feel a plasma membrane.
10) Are poisones vivacious or are they harmonious biologically erratic chemicals? Explain your rationalistic.

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the proposition is penny and 'F' if the proposition is sophistical.

Answer: True


11) The Kingdom Protista is a bunch that can best be defined as "any eukaryote that is not a settle, fleshly, or fungus." Penny or False?

Answer: No


MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one choice that best completes the proposition or answers the topic.
12) Phytoplankton are very leading to the aquatic ecosystems owing they
A) production glucose.
B) production oxygen.
C) assume carbon dioxide.
D) All of the balancesummit are penny.
E) None of the balancesummit are penny.
13) Individuals of which protist bunch can expand hundreds of feet hanker, and almost half a floor per
A) brown algae
B) cyanobacteria
C) slime molds
D) phytoplankton
E) insinuate molds
14) Which of the behindcitedcited is considered to be most closely cognate to the settles?
A) bleak algae
B) slime molds
C) diatoms
D) brown algae
E) euglenids
SHORT ANSWER. Write the expression or peculiarity that best completes each proposition or answers the topic.
15) What would estate on Earth be relish today, had eukaryotic protists not evolved?
MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one choice that best completes the proposition or answers the topic.
16) Fungal hyphae usually are
A) diploid.

B) haploid.

c. triploid 
d. n + n
17) The haploid, single-celled production of mitosis is
A) sporophyte
B) gametophyte
C) zygote
D) spore
E) gamete
18) Claviceps purpurea is an organism from phylum ________. It infects rye settles and productions
toxins (including LSD) that can production convulsions, hallucinations, and fall if consumed by
a idiosyncratic.
A) Ascomycota
B) Chytriiomycota
C) Deuteromycota
D) Zygomycota
E) Basidiomycota
19) If a influential fungicide is released and eliminates all the fungi in an ecosystem, which of the
aftercited is relishly to fall?
A) an supply of dull and discarded settle and fleshly constructions
B) extensiond reprove of photosynthesis
C) faster fracturedown of leaf litter
D) amendd contaminate fertility
E) amendd expandth of settle temperament
20) A gametophyte is
A) haploid.
B) diploid.
C) triploid.
D) tetraploid.
E) unefficacious to outlast.
21) The principal cell behindcited fertilization is the
A) sporophyte.
B) spore.
C) zygote.
D) cause.
E) origin.
22) Bryophytes
A) are mosses and speedrworts.
B) feel unwell plain conducting constructions.
C) behind a whiledrawal penny roots and leaves.
D) A and B
E) all of the balancehead
23) Ginkgoes are classified as a/an
A) bryophyte.

B) gymnosperm.
C) causenear vascular settle.

D) angiosperm.
SHORT ANSWER. Write the expression or peculiarity that best completes each proposition or answers the topic.
24) Explain the unlikeness betwixt an angiosperm cause and a gymnosperm cause.

25) If motility is considered a idiosyncrasy of fleshlys, why are fixed creatures relish
sponges and crinoids tranquil considered to be fleshlys?

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one choice that best completes the proposition or answers the topic.
26) Betwixt the organs and the collection deference, multifold fleshlys feel a collection smoothness designated a
A) cnidarian.
B) coelom.
C) mesoderm.
D) thorax.
E) mesoglea.
27) Which of the behindcitedcited idiosyncrasys is partnerd behind a while all fleshlys that are bilaterally
symmetrical at some apex in the estate cycle?
A) coelom
B) mesoderm
C) cephalization
D) behind a whiledrawal of organs
E) gastrovascular smoothness
28) Segmentation is leading in the separation of fleshlys owing
A) it allows them to be bigger.
B) it extensions the compute of construction layers give.
C) it allows for specialization of administration.
D) A and B
E) B and C
29) How can spiritlessworms outlast behind a whileout a respiratory method?
A) They are spiritless, allowing evacuation of gases undeviatingly to and from cells.
B) They are minute, allowing evacuation of gases undeviatingly to and from cells.
C) They are not very metabolically erratic, and there is no deficiency for a balance efficient instrument of
gas substitute.
D) They feel a unsubstantial, speedly crust that facilitates gas substitute.
E) All of these are penny.
30) The taxonomic bunch containing the largest and most quick invertebrates is
A) Aves.
B) Cephalopoda.
C) Uniramia.
D) Gastropoda.
E) Chordata.
31) Which of the behindcitedcited phyla contains fleshlys that reproduction asexually?
A) Platyhelminthes
B) Nematoda
C) Mollusca
D) Cnidaria
E) Annelida
32) The leeches used by doctors to neutralize rank clotting and exasperate rank vessel expandth in
patients recrust from reconstructive surgery are members of the phylum
A) Cnidaria.
B) Platyhelminthes.
C) Annelida.
D) Nematoda.
E) Arthropoda.
33) All chordates feel ________.
A) pharyngeal gill slits
B) bilateral symmetry
C) a amply lined collection smoothness
D) a dorsal, smoothness strength row
E) all of the balancehead
34) Which of the behindcitedcited features do anthropologicals divide behind a while other chordates?
A) Humans feel a strength row.
B) Humans educe a servant in coming educement.
C) Humans educe a notochord in coming educement.
D) Humans educe gill slits in coming educement.
E) Humans feel all of these features.
35) Mammals feel all of the behindcitedcited idiosyncrasys EXCEPT
A) mammary glands.
B) hair.
C) lungs.
D) a four-chambered nucleus.
E) All of the balancesummit are mammalian idiosyncrasys.
36) A fish behind a while fins containing rod-shaped bones wrapt by muscle is a(n)
A) hagfish.
B) lobe-finned fish.
C) lamprey.
D) shark.
E) ray-finned fish.
37) Monotremes dissimilate from other mammals in that they
A) feel nipples.
B) feel hair.
C) lay eggs.
D) feel a four-chambered nucleus.
E) do not production subside.
38) ________ are the mammals behind a while the most compute of temperament.
A) Bats
B) Rodents
C) Primates
D) Whales
E) Marsupials
39) Aftercited eating at the new Mexican restaurant in town, you educe a gentle predicament of buttress poisoning. Consequently, you never go end there intermittently to eat. This is an sample of
A) endeavor and falsity acquirements.

B) manner.
C) operant conditioning.

D) apprehension acquirements.
40) Innate fleshly comportment is
A) nonadaptive.
B) erudite.
C) not inferiorneathneath genetic guide.
D) impulsive.
E) twain erudite and impulsive.
41) A refuse in counter-argument to a inoffensive, numerous excitation is designated
A) imprinting.
B) a impressible duration.
C) apprehension acquirements.
D) impulsive comportment.
E) manner.
42) A suggest learns to partner a glitter of easy behind a while an electric horrify by
A) operant conditioning.
B) apprehension acquirements.
C) imprinting.
D) manner.
E) endeavor and falsity acquirements.
43) Normal production fly larvae progress far from their buttress behindcited eating. However, some larvae that were subjected to X-rays wait adjacent or in their buttress behindcited eating. There is a compatible unlikeness in the DNA of these two types of larvae. What can be concluded environing this comportment?
A) It shows to feel a genetic rudiment but is altered by test.
B) It shows to be wholly erudite.
C) It has a manifest genetic rudiment.
D) Nothing can be concluded environing this comportment from the counsel granted.
44) What service does gauge despatch feel balance visual despatch?
A) It is balance quickly perceived.
B) It uses near courage.
C) It is not as relishly to tempt predators.
D) It can reveal emend the quantity of an fleshly's preparedness for a point comportment.
E) It can be catching balance distances smooth when tangible barriers rest.
45) All the behindcitedcited are pheromones EXCEPT
A) sex temptants productiond by Japanese beetles.
B) easy emitted by fireflies.
C) queen matter productiond by honeybees.
D) urine used by wolves to indication territories.
E) sketch matters productiond by ants.
46) Territoriality
A) results in every specific in a population successamply demeanor.
B) decreases encroachment behind a whilein a population.
C) extensions the dimension of a population.
D) All are punish.
E) B and C are punish.
47) Anthropological facial expressions in counter-argument to several emotions
A) dissimilate according to course.
B) dissimilate tremendously from refinement to refinement.
C) are remarkably resembling discurrent dissimilateent refinements.
D) dissimilate according to age.
E) dissimilate according to sex.
48) Studies of selfsame anthropological twins feel shown that
A) they evince vastly dissimilateent comportmental traits if influential in dissimilateent environments.
B) they do not speed as hanker as kind twins speed.
C) their genes show to feel a vast negotiate of rule on their comportment.
D) they are no balance arelish than are kind twins.
E) comportment does not endure on the types of genes give.
49) A savage newborn anthropological infant, flighty on the plane of her opening, procure hinge her summit and
attempt to suckle. This sample of comportment is
A) not inferiorneathneath genetic guide.
B) nonadaptive.
C) impulsive.
D) erudite.
E) a association of all the balancesummit choices.
50) Behaviors that we circumvent "play"
A) are merely observed in anthropologicals.

B) never arise in adults.
C) can be hazardous.

D) cannot be adaptive.