Posted: January 26th, 2023

biology HW 2 PP presentations

 I need these presentations on Thursday 27 by 12 pm please 

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biology HW 2 PP presentations
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Two presentations ( one about Wildflower park in Taxes) and ( second is about Great Smokey mountain)

From 20-25 slide power point presentation :

1.     In the first slides or so will talk about general/ ecology part of the park or mountain. (A couple of slides regarding where it is, probably with a map3-4 slides introducing for Wildflower Park and smoky mountain)


2.     Slides on the history of it. (3-4 slides on the history of Wildflower Park and smoky mountain.


3.     Since wildflower park in taxes typically have particular “missions” – 2-3 slides on each of the important species or other missions (species being protected, invasive species that are a problem, other things).


4.     The majority of the presentation will deal with endangered species and management strategies. 

 Presentation guidelines

1.     Do not overburden the slides with text.

2.     Provide text notes on the note page.  

3.     The note will be the sort of information that you would add verbally. 

4.     Use pictures.


5.     No plagiarism.

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